December 8th, 2007

Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

Happy Birthday!

A very Happy Birthday to ellel! :) ♥ Hope you're having (had) a terrific day! And because of the time difference, also wishing siluria a fantastic birthday! :) You guys rock!

And I'm watching "Iconoclasts" with Sean Penn and Jon Krakauer on the Sundance Channel. I think today might be the day I finally go see "Into the Wild." I think it's going to be rough but I really have been dying to see it. (And they never seem to show the Eddie Vedder/Laird Hamilton "Iconoclasts" dammit.)
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Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

Just saw "Into the Wild"

Wow. I had a really intense reaction to the book and the movie was just the same. Maybe more so, because seeing things unfold has so much more of an emotional impact. Emile Hirsch was fantastic, as was everyone in the film, particularly Catherine Keener and wow, is that little Kristen Stewart from Panic Room, all grown up (or nearly.) The cinematography was incredible and I was prepared for very slow pacing, so I wasn't put off by that. Each little vignette really added something, I thought. It's become my favorite movie so far this year.

Emile, wow. I'm very impressed. In scenes, he reminded me of a young Johnny Depp, then a younger Ewan McGregor and other times, of Leonardo DiCaprio. Either way, you have to admit he's very good. I hope he keeps doing small movies for each blockbuster. It would be a shame to have him get eaten up by Hollywood. (And ultimately, I think he also reminds me of River Phoenix.)

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