March 7th, 2008

Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

Had a thought for some icons...

But I suck at doing text on icons. There's already icons: Sayid: Can Kill You With His Feet. So what about the other Lost characters? Here's what I was thinking of, something along these lines.

Desmond: Can Kill You With His Mind
Juliet: Can Kill You Without Blinking
Daniel: Can Kill You With Science
Ben: Will Get Someone Else to Kill You For Him
Locke: Constantly Dreaming Up New Ways to Kill People
Locke: Every Morning, Kills Someone Before Breakfast
Sawyer: Can Kill You With Sarcasm
Sawyer: Can Kill You With a Smile
Jack: Will Kill You, Even if it Kills *Him* in the Process
Sun: Can Kill You With Kindness
Kate: Will Kill You and Then Wish She Hadn't
Kate: Will Take Forever Making Up Her Mind Who to Kill First
Kate: Will Kill You and Get Off Scott-Free
Sayid: Can Kill You, Put You Back Together in Working Order, and Then Kill You Again
Miles: Will Kill You, Then Ask Your Ghost If You Saw it Coming
Vincent: Kills Owners Dead