April 27th, 2008

Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

C'mon get happy?

So you know Lost: No one ever ends up with the one they love. People (a whole bunch of them) die tragically. They sell their souls to the devil, et cetera. It seems no one is destined for a happy ending, unless we give them one. So ... I was thinking of starting a fic type thing where people write a happy ending for their favorite characters. It's usually better to do these during the hiatus and all but it's on my mind now.

This could be a formal thing or something as simple as you going, "By Jove! I think I will write a happy ending fic!"

(And yes, I still love angst but sometimes we need some happiness too, yes?)

So, a Happy Endings kind of fic thing should be:

A proper ficathon with a list of prompts and everything!
It could be a fic table!
It could be a one-day prompt at Lostsquee
Just a simple "Write a Lost Happy Ending Fic" will suffice

And the timing should be:

Right now!
Right after the season finale
After we've had time to process the season finale
Something ongoing, with no particular deadline
Doesn't matter, I won't have time/am not interested anyway!