May 23rd, 2011

Lost Bunny by eponine119

A year without Lost....

Except that isn't true, is it? It's been a year since Lost ended, but Lost isn't the kind of show or experience or even fandom that really dies.

THANK YOU to Lost for 6 great years, even if there was a lot of screaming at the TV and hair pulling and general gnashing of teeth along the way. There will never be another show like Lost. Lord knows many have tried to copy it and failed miserably. Those actors are turning up on other shows and I'll tune in, but lord knows it won't ever be the same.

And THANK YOU to the most awesome fandom in the world. Lost would not have been Lost without the fandom, all the fangirl squeeing and intense theory speculation and creating of backstories and filling in of plot gaps and glorious, glorious AUs in which we spent far more time with our beloved characters than anyone actually involved with the show ever did.

THANK YOU for all the amazing, amazing fic, all the memes, all the luaus and the pics and all the great friendships I wouldn't have if Flight 815 had never crashed on that silly little island.

♥ x infinity.

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