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Three new Sawyer fic reccs

Three shiny new Sawyer fics inspired by "Outlaws." (In no particular order):

1) Truth by highlightdelete.
Sawyer tries to decide whether to tell Jack about meeting his father. Very nice inner dialogue and moral back-and-forth on Sawyer's part. Love the ending.

2) Rest Without Sleep by eponine119
Sawyer gets Jack to talk about his father. The issue of whether Jack knows Sawyer actually met his father doesn't come up here, and it's maybe a little surprising that Jack would be so forthcoming to Sawyer, but still in character with just enough tension to make it believable.

3) I Never Kissed a Man by you_ravish_me
Sweet, sad tale of young love that surmises Sawyer lied twice during his game of "I Never" with Kate.

Oh, and this hysterically funny fic from kantayra
The Birds and the Bees
Michael has to explain to Walt what Kate and Sawyer are up to in Sawyer's tent and why they're so loud. You've got to read this one!

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