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Lost ep review: Lockdown

foxxcub had already called me to squee about the OMGUH extended Jack/Sawyer card game. I thought it was just going to be one scene, but nnnnnguuuuhhh, the entire B-story was the alpha male card game. How awesome was that? Seriously. The flirting. Those looks. The bluffing. The "lay it down" comments. ;-)

And Sawyer is just aching for Jack's mangos, er, attention. *pets poor mango-deprived Sawyer* And promises of future makeoutsessions high-stakes card games. Bring 'em on!

And ummm, Sawyer dropped out in the ninth grade? Oh well, the Jack/Jamesverse always was an AU. ;-)

And Phuket? Will they save that for another Jack backstory? The ONE WHERE HE GOT HIS TATTOOS?! *salivates*

"Should I get a ruler?" Bwah. And for once Kate LEAVES. Instead of butting in, she butted out. Now, THAT is the latest island miracle. ;)

Also, the hatch really is from the '70s because dig the crazy black light action. Hope Locke memorized that map.

Nice twist at the end. Now look what you've done: you've made Sayid angry! But even if he keeps his word, Locke can't exactly protect "Henry Gale" now can he?

Excellent episode. The flashbacks definitely the weakest part of the episode but nice going Locke Daddy, screwing your son over yet again. I hope Locke at least went back for the $200,000 but I'm guessing he didn't.

But OMG, soooo much Jack/Sawyer goodness. I was going to do a picspam charting the canon J/S and lamenting the lack of it in S2. Now? A lot less lamenting. ;-) Can't wait for all the new J/S icons.

Thank you Lost writers! ;)

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