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The Setup (Kate/Sawyer/Jack fic - NC-17)

Title: The Setup
Summary: Sawyer helps Kate get what she wants: Jack
Rating: NC-17
Note: Followup to Dirty Girl. Definitely the smuttiest thing I've ever written. Hmm, unless that was the previous story.

“Why am I doin’ this again?” Sawyer asked himself for about the thirtieth time as he sat and waited for Kate to lure the doc up to their prearranged spot in the middle of nowhere.

If he didn’t go through with it, then Kate would just fuck the doctor and leave him out of it. Probably for good. That was one reason. The other? He was still figuring that one out.

Maybe he just wanted to light the fuse on the bomb she’d thrown in his lap, let it burn through him fast and clean so he’d stop thinking about her that way.

So he waited while she got the doc out here under false pretenses. She’d get Jack liquored up, put the moves on him, and get him so hot and bothered that he couldn’t think straight. And then, with a well-chosen phrase, she’d summon Sawyer. He imagined the look on Jack’s face when he popped up like Rumpelstiltskin. Probably give him a fuckin’ heart attack.

Except Sawyer wasn’t going to play it like that. He didn’t fancy playing voyeur in the bushes while Kate plied Jack with liquor and her body. He’d already been on the receiving end of that little scenario this morning and the last thing on his mind then was inviting the jackass to join him.

Kate wasn’t the only one who knew how to seduce someone. Sawyer could give lessons. Tonight would be his master class.

Maybe there was one other reason. Wasn’t this the ultimate “fuck you” to Jack? He was the one who had her up on a pedestal. Sawyer didn’t mind helping Jack see how very fucking mistaken he was about Kate.

Jesus, this was going to blow that holier-than-thou bastard’s mind. Maybe Jack didn’t even know he and Kate had been fucking every chance they got since the Great Boar Hunt. Course, even the dim doc had to suspect something.

And then he heard their voices as they approached the clearing. He’d laid the scene for Kate’s seduction: Pile of firewood, blanket, and of course, one Southern pervert, hiding in the bushes. For now.

“So why’d you drag me all the way out here?” Jack asked Kate.

Jesus, he was holding her hand. Sawyer groaned inwardly. Jack was such a pathetic sap.

“You’ll see,” Kate answered. Too damn right, Sawyer thought.

“You put a lot of planning into this, did you?” Jack asked, surveying the readymade fire and blanket.

Sawyer waited until they were both settled cozily around the fire and Kate was probably thinking of busting out the booze. His booze, he sighed.

He strolled up, wearing his friendliest expression. “Well now, doesn’t this look romantic?” he drawled. Jack jumped. Kate glared.

He just smiled back broadly. “You don’t mind sharing your fire on a cold night, do you?”

“Uh, no,” Jack said, as he actually shifted over on the blanket to make room for him. Sawyer grinned, basking in Kate’s disapproval. Jack probably wanted to tell him to fuck off, but didn't want to do it in front of Kate.

“You ever spent time in the South, doc?” Sawyer asked as he sat down on the other side of Kate.

“No,” Jack asked, puzzled.

“Just askin’ because you’re bein’ so downright hospitable,” Sawyer said. He caught Kate’s eye as if to tell her, “You’re not the only one who can butter a man up.”

“Sure, no problem,” Jack answered. He glanced at Kate and shrugged. She looked sulky. All good, Sawyer thought. The less this seemed like a setup, the better.

“Whatcha got in the bag?” Sawyer asked innocently.

Kate sighed. “It’s from your stash, Sawyer. My carte blanche, remember? About 20 bottles of alcohol, give or take.” She paused, something occurring to her. “Did you just follow me out here so I’d share?”

He managed not to wink at her. “Well, it’s only polite to share, isn’t it?” He turned to Jack. “Right, doc?”

Jack looked at Kate uncertainly. He was picking up on the undercurrent between them.

“Oops,” Sawyer thought. “Can’t have that.”

“How about we play a game?” he suggested. “You ever play, ‘I Never?’” Kate’s pretty brown eyes shot daggers at him.

She had to know he wouldn’t ask the same questions as the other night. Didn’t she know her secrets were safe with him? Course, the doctor was keepin’ most of her secrets. She doled one out here, one there. Kinda like the tiny bottles of booze she was handing out now. Equal opportunity, that was Kate.

“I haven’t played that in years,” Jack said, a smile coming to his face. No doubt fondly recalling his frat house days with Biff and Skip.

“I’ll get us started,” Sawyer said, while Kate watched him warily. “I never ... had a dog.”

Kate visibly relaxed at the innocuous question. Jack and Sawyer both drank. Kate abstained.

“Aw, no puppy for Freckles?” Sawyer said. “You’re breakin’ my heart.” He was surprised to hear the edge in his own voice.

“OK, I never was in a car accident,” she said.

They all sighed and drank.

”I never broke a bone,” Jack offered.

Sawyer frowned and took a swig, and after a beat, so did Jack.

“I never paid income tax,” Sawyer said, grinning as the other two drank.

“I never baked a pie,” Kate said.

Sawyer was the only one to drink. “You never helped your ... mom make an apple pie?” he said defensively. “You two are un-American.”

Slowly, they worked their way through most of the bottles. Both Jack and Sawyer had moved closer to Kate and now were practically leaning against her.

Sawyer deliberately didn’t glance at Kate too often. He knew she was waiting for the right moment to make her move. Instead Sawyer kept his eye on Jack, seeing how happy and relaxed he was as he got progressively tipsier. “We’re going to crack you open like a piñata,” he thought, trying to picture the face Jack made when he came.

The drunker they got, the more risqué the questions got. It was the way the game worked. Nothing suspicious about that. Finally Kate, after seemingly much thought, said. “I never had a three-way.”

Jack let out a strangled laugh. Sawyer smiled smoothly. He tipped up his bottle -- why was he not surprised that he was the only one of them to drink -- and finished it off. He licked his lips. “Now, that was a very interesting question, Freckles,” he said. “You ever want to remedy that situation?”

“What, with you two?” she said, rolling her eyes. Jack laughed nervously.

“I was thinking more of someone blonde and female, but ...” Sawyer drawled.

And then Kate kissed him. Briefly, just enough to shut him up.

Jack blinked. He looked like he was considering getting up when Kate turned and kissed him. She kissed him longer and harder, as her hand strayed to Sawyer’s crotch.

She crawled in Jack’s lap, straddling him as she continued to kiss him and his hands went automatically to her shoulders. Sawyer moved behind her. He pulled her hair aside and began nuzzling her neck. He ran his hands up under her shirt, resisting the urge to cup her breasts. For now, he had her back, Jack her front.

Whether it was the drink or that Jack was more adventurous than Sawyer had given him credit for, Jack hadn’t bolted and run yet. He was kissing Kate back, his eyes closed, with something like a moan coming out of him. He had Kate’s head in his hands now, so Sawyer gave up his territory at Kate’s neck and moved onto her shoulders, pulling her shirt aside so he could administer soft little bites there.

He pushed up against her, letting her know how hard he was, and that he was ready whenever she was. She responded with a little “Mmmm,” and shifted her hips.

Kate was unbuttoning Jack’s shirt and she paused only to lift up her arms as Sawyer pulled off her top. She ran her hands over Jack’s chest. He pulled away from her slightly and looked her in the eye. And then he glanced at Sawyer, who was busy unhooking Kate’s bra.

Here it was. The doc was getting cold feet or sobering up, but whatever was going through his mind, Kate wasn’t letting Jack get away. She slipped her hand inside his pants and his head lolled back as she began to stroke him.

By now, Sawyer had Kate’s bra off and he eased it down her arms. He took one of Jack’s hands and put it on a breast, his own hand covering Jack’s. He could practically see the jolt go through Jack as he pressed both their hands over her, forcing Jack to feel Kate, feel her flesh warm up under their touch.

Jack opened his eyes and looked straight at him. Sawyer’s breath quickened. Something flickered between them. Hostility? Curiosity? Desire? Sawyer wasn’t sure but now that they were both touching her together, he could feel the dynamic between them change. Jack wasn’t going anywhere, and Sawyer realized that he wanted him to stay... he wanted him to ... he wanted him, too.

Kate was helping Jack out of his pants and Sawyer helped pull them off, shucking off Jack’s shoes. He quickly stripped, glad to be free of his jeans, and he helped Kate step out of her panties. A pleasurable shiver went through Sawyer now that they were all naked. Jack lay on the ground, his hand on his own cock during Kate’s brief inattention.

It’s not like he and Kate had discussed positions or strategy or anything beforehand, but when she turned back to Jack and lowered herself onto him, he knew that’s the way it had to be. For a few minutes, it was all about Jack, as Kate gave him all her attention, kissing him, whispering in his ear, riding him.

And then it was time to make it all about Kate. Sawyer squatted behind her, his achingly hard dick bobbing against her backside. He took her right breast in his hand and began rolling the nipple between thumb and finger. She sighed and arched her back, letting her head fall onto Sawyer’s shoulders. She found his mouth and kissed him, pulling him back into the game. “Thank you,” she whispered so that only he could hear.

He bit her neck in response, worrying the skin until she moaned. Now it was time for Sawyer to play. He wet his palm and started stroking his cock until a few beds of pre-cum appeared at the tip. “Hold still, Kate darlin,” he breathed in her ear. He grabbed her hips, one hand overlapping with Jack’s, and slowly thrust himself into her ass.

She inhaled sharply and he was practically moaning at how tight she felt, how fucking unbelievably good. He heard Jack gasp and knew he felt it too, had to feel Sawyer’s cock pressing against him, feel Kate wrapped even tighter around him. Sawyer was in the driver’s seat now, his thrusts setting the rhythm for all of them.

Sawyer’s hand moved to Kate’s clit and he found she was so wet there was no need for any spit. His other hand he used to press on the spot below her belly button and she went nearly limp in his arms. With two cocks inside her and the added stimulation from his hand, he knew she would come any minute. She arched her back, pulling him in for a kiss, her elbow bent, her head thrown back in ecstasy.

Sawyer saw the effect this pose was having on Jack. He figured the doc had never seen a woman so far gone, so completely lost in the throes of passion. Sawyer grinned, taking a moment only to once again put one of Jack’s hands on Kate’s breast. A slow learner, he sighed.

Sawyer increased his pace, his balls slapping against Jack’s. It was like he was fucking both of them. He knew Jack could feel each thrust as surely as if his dick were up Jack’s ass instead of Kate’s. And the thought crossed Sawyer’s mind that he wouldn’t mind that. Wouldn’t mind it a bit.

Jack sat up suddenly, the good boy, and the shift in position had Kate gasping. Both men were thrusting hard inside her now, and she whimpered as her body began to convulse violently.

She let out a desperate moan that was more like a sob as she came, and her climax sent Jack over the edge with her with a deep,“Uh, uh, uh, unnnngh!”

Kate was still shaking as Sawyer came, exploding hotly inside her. His breathing was ragged as he slumped against her back. His fingers still played over her, feeling her last little quivers until she batted him away in protest. Neither he or Jack had slipped out yet, and they were still so connected that each little movement had the others trembling.

Sawyer moved his hand to Kate’s breast, lazily playing with the nipple. He held up the breast like an offering, and Jack took it, his tongue sweeping over it and Sawyer’s fingers, tasting Kate there.

Kate kissed Sawyer, a long, slow kiss that made him feel he was almost ready to go again. Then she turned to Jack, and then she pulled both their heads together and there was only the slightest hesitation before Jack kissed Sawyer. The kiss was a cautious one at first, but then Sawyer thrust his tongue against Jack’s and he heard him moan.

They pulled apart, both gasping a little and looked at each other with a kind of stunned awe. ”Jesus, we did it,” Sawyer thought, “we blew Jack’s mind,” but this wasn’t how he’d expected to feel afterward.

Kate giggled to see both of her men looking like she’d dropped a bomb on them. “I never ... want to stop doing this,” she sighed contentedly.

“I’ll drink to that,” Sawyer said with a cocky grin.

They both looked expectantly at Jack. He leaned back, bracing himself on his arms, his expression guarded. “I never want to see either one of you again.”

Kate gasped, and then Jack smiled. “That’s the way the game is played, right? Because I’d have to drink on that one.”

Kate swatted him and Sawyer chuckled as he started daydreaming about their next time. With or without Kate.

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