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Lost review - Dave

Well, that's the most easily summarized ep ever: Hurley has an imaginary friend. Not exactly "Locke used to be in a wheelchair," is it?

But I did love "No, but I just saw a polar bear on rollerskates eating a mango." Yay for Snarky!Charlie.

Still, very savvy of Dave to point out all the ridiculousness inherent in the show, such as a hot chick like Libby being interested in Hurley (She almost kissed him? Bzuh?) and the amazing ubiquity of the numbers. Wait -- I'm writing this as the ep is still going. She actually did kiss him? No way I am buying this couple. Sorry. Oh wait, LOL. She's crazy too. Ok, then, go on you crazy kids. Because OK, yep, as we all suspected, Libby was a patient too. Ho-hum.

I think nearly every sci-fi/fantasy-based show has done an episode along these lines. "Your reality's all been a dream."

And bwah. "In all honesty, Ana Lucia, I don't care what you think." Word.

(Also, it's April now. Whatever happened to MR's supposed March court date? :-/)

Hmm. The button didn't get pushed. I like that they had that happen offscreen. That actually surprises me. I hope that means WE'RE FINALLY DONE WITH THE GODDAMN BUTTON NOW!

And next week: Angry!Jack. And Bondage!Jack? (Three week-hiatus *after* next week, I think.)

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