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Happy Birthday (Part 12)

Title: Happy Birthday (Part 12)
Summary: Kate seduces Jack, Michael goes to Plan B when he can’t get Jack alone to warn him
Rating: R for sex, violence, extreme cruelty
Warning: Remember how eeevil Kate is now? Here’s more proof. Gets *very* dark again.
Note: I've been churning out so much fic lately I just realized it's been a week since I updated this story! I actually wrote this a while back but am just getting to posting now! Thanks again to guineverekay for the beta.

To recap: The only ones who know Kate's now in league with Ethan are Michael, Sayid (who's dead), and Sawyer (who's now mute, but who managed to warn Shannon, Kate's next target.) Jack is still very much in the dark.

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“You really don’t remember anything?” Kate was asking Jack.

“No,” he said, shaking his head. “And here I didn’t even know you were gone this whole time. It’s such a relief you’re OK, but I wish I’d known.” He looked at her with concern and a fair amount of guilt.

“No, you don’t,” she said, stroking his face. “I’m glad you didn’t know so you could get better without having to worry about me.”

“And you’re really OK?” he asked, searching her face.

She nodded. “I’m just sorry your birthday surprise for me got ruined. And now you don’t even remember our first kiss.”

“I guess not,” Jack said, his heart starting to pound as she leaned in closer.

“I’ll have to refresh your memory,” she said, her lips meeting his. He closed his eyes as he opened his mouth to her, tasting her eager kiss.

He ran his fingers through her hair, pulling her closer, when suddenly his dream image of her, with her dark hair spreading out impossibly long and tendril-like, came back to him and he felt a thrill of fear. “Just a nightmare,” he said to himself, dismissing the momentary panic he felt.

He was dizzy as they kissed, letting himself get completely lost in the sensation of her tongue, her lips, her hands on his face, the heat he felt coming off her body.

By now, she had climbed into his lap. His breath grew ragged as she ground her crotch into his. “This is too fast,” he thought briefly, but when she lifted her shirt up over her head, he didn’t stop her.

He had a fleeting thought that someone might come into the cave at any moment, but as soon as she unzipped his pants, he was past caring.

Michael waited for Kate to come out of Jack’s cave, but it had already been an hour and there was no sign of her.

He toyed with the idea of just rushing in there and warning Jack, but it might get them both killed. He wasn’t really clear on just how dangerous Kate was now but if she could get the jump on Sayid, Michael was in no position to risk anything.

He hadn’t even seen Walt since he’d been back, he realized guiltily. With Jack busy, and Sawyer off with Shannon, Michael guessed he should probably go see Locke. But it wouldn’t hurt to just stop and see Walt first, he decided.

But Walt wasn’t at the caves. Michael asked around and was told he was down at the beach with Hurley and Charlie. So he set off, promising himself he’d be quick about it.

He watched Walt playing with Vincent and thought maybe his son hadn’t even missed him. Then Walt saw him and his face lit up. “Dad!” he shouted. He ran over to Michael and threw his arms around his waist, Vincent barking happily behind him.

“You rescued Kate!” Walt said, beaming proudly.

“Yeah,” Michael said uncertainly. “I’m just glad to be back in one piece.” He patted Walt on the head, heartened by how glad his son was to see him. “I missed you,” he said, giving him a bear hug.

“Aw, Dad,” Walt said, squirming away. Michael had clearly crossed an indefinable line in expressing public affection.

“Listen, I have to go talk to Mr. Locke,” Michael said. “Can you stay here with Hurley?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Walt said, shrugging. He looked hurt that Michael was leaving again so soon.

“I’ll be right back,” Michael promised. “And then we’ll play catch and you can tell me what all you’ve been up to.”

“OK,” Walt nodded.

Hurley wandered over. “Hey, dude. Glad you’re back.” He clearly wanted to ask more about Sayid, but not in front of Walt.

“Hurley, can I have a word?” Michael asked, drawing him aside. “I just wanted to thank you for always keeping an eye on my boy,” he said. He held out his hand and Hurley blinked and then shook it.

“You’re being awfully formal, dude,” Hurley noted, warily watching Michael.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Sorry. Listen, if anything ever happened to me, you’d step in, wouldn’t you? You and Charlie and Locke? You’d look after Walt?”

“Absolutely,” Hurley said and Michael knew he meant it, even though he was still fixing him with a fisheye. “I know people have been dropping like flies lately,” Hurley added, “but you’re sounding kind of morbid there.”

“I know,” Michael said. “I just ... well, it’s been on my mind.” He wondered if he should say more, but then fell back on his original plan. Locke would know what to do. Hashing it out with Hurley would just be a waste of time.

“So, uh, what exactly happened to ...” Hurley was starting to say, but Michael cut him off.

“Walt!” Michael called. “You stick to Hurley while I’m gone, OK? And I don’t want you bothering Kate. She’s been through a lot lately and, uh, you should just leave her alone.”

“Sure,” Walt said indifferently. It’s not like he ever spent much time around Kate anyway.

“If you need something, you go to Hurley or Sun or Mr. Locke, OK?” Michael said.

“You don’t mind me talking to Mr. Locke?” Walt said, surprised.

“Nope,” Michael said with a smile. He looked at Hurley as if to say, “Remember what I told you.” Then he hugged Walt goodbye and set off to find Locke.

As Michael walked to Locke’s, he couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was following him. He stopped and looked around a few times, but he didn’t hear or see anything.

A feeling of dread settled over him that he was going to see Sayid again. The hair on the back of his neck was standing up. He sped up, hoping to God Locke was at home and that he’d have a plan.

Michael jumped when he heard a step. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw dark curly hair. It was Sayid. He had that same terrible mark around his throat, his eyes dark and veiled, and he was saying something silently. Run.

Even thought it was a hot day, a chill went through Michael. And then the image of Sayid simply dissolved, but where he had been someone else stood now. It was Kate.

Michael froze for a second in fear, and then he ran for all he was worth, not even looking where he was going. He ran full tilt into someone and his heart nearly stopped when he saw that it was Ethan.

Ethan grabbed him by the arm and twisted cruelly. His expression was blank and enraged at the same time, like someone not human.

Michael struggled against him, but Ethan’s grip was so strong, he couldn’t get free. Before he knew what had happened, Ethan had grabbed Michael’s other arm and was holding them both behind his back.

Kate walked up slowly with a smile that chilled his bones. In her hands she was holding a boar’s tusk. “Remember that boar hunt we went on?” she said. “The one where you were so pathetically useless and you got gored?”

His stomach knotted as he realized what was going to happen. “Please,” he said. “My boy. Don’t leave him an orphan.” He swallowed hard as she approached, his eyes on the tusk as it gleamed in the sunlight.

“Poor Michael,” she cooed. “No good as a father. No good at anything on the island. No good at anything, really.”

“No!” he shouted. It couldn’t end like this. “Locke!” he yelled, hoping wildly that he was within earshot. “Help! She’s gonna kill me! Locke!”

“Shhh,” Kate said. Now she was only inches away from him, smiling sweetly. He stared at her, not believing that she would actually do it. Her expression didn’t change as she thrust the sharp tusk into his stomach.

He gasped at the pain, sagging in Ethan’s grasp. His insides were on fire and he could feel the wetness of the blood running down his sides. And then she rammed the tusk home again. And again. His screams echoed through the jungle.

Ethan released him and he crumpled to the ground. Kate next attacked his chest. He didn’t believe she was so strong, that she could do so much damage. He reached up feebly and clawed at her face. He was pleased to see he had left marks there, but he knew they would fade.

His vision blurred and he felt cold and numb. “I’m sorry, Walt,” he thought desperately.

It was rare that Locke came to Jack’s cave, so when he walked in, Jack looked at him in surprise. At least Locke hadn’t timed his visit when Kate was here, Jack thought with relief.

He was still in a dreamy, post-sex frame of mind, his brain still cataloguing the feel of Kate’s body and the sound of her sighs. So it took a minute for him to tune into what Locke was saying.

“Something’s happened. I want you to come with me.”

“What is it?” Jack said, snapping to attention.

“Bring your medical bag,” Locke said, serious as always. “Although, it’s probably too late.”

Jack nodded, holding his questions in the name of expediency. He followed Locke out and they nearly ran into Boone.

“What’s going on?” Boone asked, seeing Jack with his bag.

Locke paused, seeming to size Boone up. Then he nodded. “Why don’t you come along? We could use your help.”

Boone looked both pleased and suitably serious. He fell in behind the other two men.

Locke led them up to his private camp, turning aside just before they got there.

They both saw Michael at the same time, and Jack sprinted over to him, kneeling beside him. “Oh no,” he said, tears coming to his eyes. Michael was a bloody mess, and for an instant, Jack hesitated to touch him. Then he put his hand to Michael’s neck. “He’s alive,” he gasped. His pulse was faint, barely existent.

“He’s lost a lot of blood,” Jack said, eying the damage. “And these injuries ... even if we were at a hospital, I don’t think I could save him.” He sat back on his haunches, overcome with grief.

Boone’s face was completely white. “A boar?” he asked Locke.

“That’s what we’re supposed to think,” Locke said. “Those are definitely tusk wounds. But the pattern of wounds could not have been made by an animal. And there are human footprints all around Michael. Not an animal’s hooves. Someone attacked him and wanted us to think it was just an accident.”

“Who would do that?” Boone asked, deeply shocked.

Jack was busy bandaging Michael’s wounds, even though he felt like it was pointless.

“We won’t tell people anything other than Michael was attacked by a boar,” Locke said firmly. “We don’t want to start a panic. And we don’t want the guilty party to know we’re onto them. Yet.”

“It had to have been Ethan,” Jack said. “Who else would do this?”

“But why bother staging this as a boar attack?” Locke said. “Ethan has nothing to hide. He wanted to send a message with Charlie. This is something else.”

Jack nodded, deep in thought. “I hear what you’re saying, but Ethan’s also a sadistic bastard. Maybe he knew we wouldn’t be fooled.”

“But why kill Michael?” Boone asked, not bothering to hide the fear in his voice. “Ethan got what he wanted, didn’t he? Does this mean he’s coming back?”

"For Kate?" Jack said worriedly, glancing from one to the other.

“Let’s just keep calm for now,” Locke said. “But keep an eye open.”

“I wish Sayid were here,” Jack said and the others fell quiet. “We could really use him right about now. We could use Sawyer, too.” In the meantime, he’d been told how Sawyer had rescued Shannon and he had to give him his grudging respect, even in absentia.

They hoisted Michael up on their shoulders and carried him back to Locke’s camp. Jack agreed that carrying his bloodied body back to the caves wouldn’t be great for morale.

Once they had made Michael relatively comfortable, Locke stood up. “I’m going to tell Walt,” he said. The others looked at him, not envying him the difficult task. “Should I tell him his dad will live?”

Jack sighed, his face drawn in sorrow. “I don’t think we should make him any promises.”


**crickets chirping** So did I scare off everyone who was still with me so far?

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