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Lost RPS recs

foxxcub beat me to the post I was going to do. I heartily agree with her choices for "The Best of Lost RPS" post. If any of you are just now getting into this corner of fandom, please go check out her post, and for more Foxshy fics, hey, there's a comm! foxshy.

Props also to cmere for writing the first Foxshy fic (aka Matthew Fox/Josh Holloway RPS) I know about and to the many fabulous people who have written this pairing. But I have to hand the crown to themoononastick, whose writing is just so gorgeously GUH, with the longing and the UST and the touching and the flirting and the often naughty encouragement of Wicked!Dom.

Her latest, Vapour Trail, is achingly divine night of almost coming together. It's a sequel to one of my favorites of hers, CInnamon Clouds, where an onset prank sparks something serious . Nnnnnnnguh is really the best way to describe them both. And I can't not mention the "Ooh la la"-inspired one, Better the Devil You Know. One word: lapdancing.

Fast Cars and Freedom by uberaeryn. Hard to believe this is her first RPS! It's angsty and hot and so damn good and it's got Badass!Foxy, which just might be a Foxshy first, and a very welcome one.

Untitled Foxshy Ficlet by lillyjk. Damn, this one is sizzingly hot. Matt in just a towel. Dom and Naveen looking on. Frottage. Need I say more? *shoves you toward fic*

And don't forget the fabulous foxxcub's contributions. She started the whole Wicked!Dom angle, for one thing. ;-D Highlighting just a few:

Puck's Intentions Dom dares Matt and Josh to kiss. SO HOT.
Pirates and Eyeliner What was really going on on the set of that UK promo.
The Next Choice is Your Best Choice Skinnydipping Foxshy
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