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It's eponine119 appreciation day!!

Let's hear it for MEGAN!

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate you as a writer and a friend. You're one of my favorite writers in Lost fandom, and just favorite writers, period. You're so prolific, and yet your fics are consistently excellent, insightful, and you *frequently* reduce me to tears. (A track record the Lost staff writers can only envy!) You win the prize for breaking Jack and Sawyer (and very often me) the most.

I love that we can both be cynical fangirls together and yet still obsess over what really matters on the show: The Jack/Sawyer! And mining their backgrounds for fic. And oh yeah, Kate too. ;-D

As for the fic, I think you know which ones are my favorites, but damn, it was tough to choose. Like, nearly impossible.

For anyone who's NOT familiar with eponine119's fic, you are really missing out. Dive in anywhere and you won't be disappointed.

The Recs (Mostly Jack/Sawyer)

  • Taming. Dark. Intense. Fucked-up, but so hot and desperate and inevitable. A beautiful, amazing fic.

  • Test Drive. eponine119 has written some of my favorite Lost future fics, and this is at the top of the list. This one reduced me to tears.

  • Before she started in on the smut, eponine119 wrote some of the best UST/pre-slash Jack/Sawyer going. Here's one of my favorites, Blind. It's just so haunting, sad, and utterly gorgeous.

  • Writing Truth. Another favorite future fic. Sawyer alone makes it back to civilization, but he's not the same man he was. This one is like a stone on your heart.

  • Pain Management/The Fix. "Jack gives Sawyer the heroin" is how the summary reads, letting you know this is so much more than your average Jack-nursing-Sawyer fic. Jack's doctoring almost becomes cruelty, until he doesn't know whether he's saving Sawyer or killing him. I'm so very glad she wrote the sequel, because it takes "hurt/comfort" to a whole new level.

  • Physical Therapy. I can never get enough of Jack's fucked-up childhood and that factors into this story wonderfully. The interaction between Jack and Sawyer here is so beautifully rendered.

  • Who Watches the Watcher/The Next Morning. Jack/Kate/Sawyer. Megan, stop worrying about the smut! Because if this is bad smut, I'm starting an Ana Lucia fan club. XD

  • And Incomplete. Insanely hot OT3 perfection.

  • OK, and for someone who's not a Skater, she's written one of my favorite Skate fics. Anniversaries. The loveliest of angst.

  • And proof she does funny as well as angst: Sunbathing

  • And last but very definitely not least, her two Jack/James fics. These both dramatically deepened and intensified the series. The J/J verse would never be the same. The Deep End and Away.

Thank you for all the fantastic fic, great conversations, thorough betaing, and endless support. It's all appreciated more than you know!


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