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A few Lost articles: Foxy, Naveen

Turns out Foxy's not done filming Lost for the season. He wrapped filming in West Virginia on "We Are Marshall" and was going back to Hawaii. He still has more filming to do on the film, so looks like he's getting back his original hair color, then back to the clownish red. :-/

Fox, who has his hair colored red to represent Dawson, finished his Huntington filming schedule Thursday. He heads back to Hawaii to resume work on 'Lost." He'll rejoin the cast and crew when filming resumes in Atlanta. That's where the football scenes will be shot.

Also, someone posted a bit of gossip that Foxy refused to "be associated with" a gay publication, which implies that he's homophobic. Here's some previous articles that, to me, indicate he's anything but. First of all, he did an interview with The Advocate, which he could easily have turned down or been "too busy" for, but he not only did it, he said he loved having gay fans.
"That's awesome!" says Matthew Fox, laughing, when he's informed that gay audiences love him. That adoration began during Fox's stint as the protective older brother on the family drama Party of Five, but it's been deepened by the Wyoming born actor's current role as Jack, the doctor turned reluctant leader to his fellow crash survivors on ABC's hit series Lost.

And here's what he said to InStyle about growing up in Wyoming (and Brokeback Mountain).
Q: How do you think of the gay-themed Brokeback Mountain is affecting the cowboy image?

A: I like to see [daring] movies being done. Wyoming is so beautiful. One of my favorite things is to take walks out into the nothingness -- you can feel and hear yourself more clearly. At the same time, it's got a frontier mentality that leads to some tragic things. In high school many guys died --- from drunk driving, suicide or a fight involving a two-by-four outside the Holiday Inn at Riverton. That affected me.


Also, Naveen goes ahead and reaffirms my new love for him by continuing to have a problem with them killing off Shannon.

Andrews called her death "brutal and completely unnecessary. I fail to understand, actually, why they feel this need to get rid of people."

But then he goes and says something like this:
"To me, it's always been the kind of show I couldn't imagine going as long as Friends--three, maybe four seasons at the very most.

"Surely after the third season it really will be scraping the bottom."

(From WENN here, which is kind of a dodgy source. They're British-based and provide the IMDB news too, so it's always funny to read "American star Tom Cruise" or something like that when you're *in* America. And isn't there a British version of IMDB? Or used to be, at least?)

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