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Lost - SOS

OMG. Are we supposed to care about Rose & Bernard? Jesus, they're annoying. She's a self-righteous know-it-all and he's whiny. And I soooooo don't care. Her whole meeting with the holistic healer was a complete repeat of the Claire seeing the psychic, wasn't it? *sighs* They really are out of ideas. And now she's healed? Just like Locke. UGH. Chalk up island miracle #3 or 4 or whatever. And there go my hopes of her dropping dead soon.

Yep, it's a church. Ho hum.

Awww, Sawyer wanted to go with Jack. *pets him* He was damn disappointed that Jack already had a gun and it wasn't his. *snerk*

Bwah. Charlie/Eko is canon. He said "I like him just the way he is." Didn't he?

And why are they making the lame episodes extra long? *sighs*

Oh god, the ultra cutesy music montage is back. >_<

Although Sawyer and Vincent is love. ;-D *needs new icon*

Aaaand Michael is back. Please don't suck, dude.

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