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Three Lost spoilers/rumors

J/S spoiler
From spoilerfix.com: In episode 2.22:
I'm also hearing that [the] episode contains a great scene between Jack and Sawyer. Even better than the poker stuff.

*FLAILS* That's all we want!!! That, and for the next rumor to be true!

ETA: This is originally from TVGuide - which also hints that the hookup below will be Jack/Kate ... for whatever that's worth.

Ana gone for good? Can it be true at last? ^__^

From a Lost forum, via rogueapprentice Apparently Michelle Rodriguez's trailer has been turned in 4 evah. As in an Ian & Maggie kind of forever. HERE Oh GOD, I hope this spoiler is true this time. Here's hoping she bites it in her own flashback episode. Although that would still mean the bitch got two backstories and Shannon only got one. SO UNFAIR. But if we can go back to a world where she never existed, that would make me incredibly happy. However .... there might be a very, very steep price to pay for this bit of good news, If the following rumor is true.

Please, dear God, let this one not be true.

Ok, that spoiler that "a man and a woman will have sex before the end of the season" ? Well, I've heard that it might be Sawyer/Ana. No source on that, other than someone on my flist. Which, if true, would be very, very painful and I'd have to ... well, run amok. Throw things. Riot. Shoot my TV. It's completely ridiculous because it would really have to be hate!sex which is much more of a fanfic concept than a TV idea, outside the daytime soaps. But look, Jack and Kate are sort of back together. Sawyer's all lonely and neglected and Jack spurned Ana so .... it does seem like they might be leading up to that. :-( *deepest of mournful sighs* I guess Sawyer/Rose would be the only thing that would be worse!

As to whether it's Jack/Kate having the sex, well I'm not a Jater but I don't mind the pairing. I want Jack to get some, LOL! I just don't see them going there with the show's main couple in the second season. That's almost always the kiss of death for these "will they or won't they" couples, to actually DO IT. So that leaves, what? Sawyer/Kate? Sayid/Ana? (Also not something I ever want to see!) Danielle/Desmond? LOL.

But Sawyer & Ana? That would only be my all-time favorite TV character with my all-time most hated TV character. So yeah, NOT EVER GONNA support that!

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