halfdutch (halfdutch) wrote,

Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy

OMG, I am definitely writing fic for this episode. And foxxcub, I think you might want to read it! ;-)

Andrew seduces Peter! Yowza! I was about five steps ahead of the show on this one but I still can't believe they went there. I know it's wrong but goddamn!

And wibbly Andrew at the end made me cry. Surprisingly, I liked both him and Bree in that moment. And poor Peter. And that's the las we'll be seeing of Peter. :-( And Andrew too for a while. Or forever? *sighs* This show just got a LOT less interesting.

Sopranos. Aww, I miss Ade.

Augh. Make me cry again, why don't you? Make me cry when people get together. When they *don't* get together.

And I'm going to need an icon of Izzy & Denny curled up in his hospital bed.

And weirdly, I thought Christina might have to bust out with "I love you" as a way to make it up to Burke, but that wouldn't be like her at all, would it?

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