halfdutch (halfdutch) wrote,

Prison Break & 24

Prison Break
Dammit, not Nick! :-( And his father too. There was some flailing going on here. So let's take stock - Westmoreland's a goner, the laundry guy's been captured, they're stuck with Haywire and now T-Bag and C-Note know about the $5 mil stash. So there's the plot for S2. And Sara is crying in her car. She didn't take any drugs from the infirmary, did she? :-/ Am I reading too much into that drug flashback? And what about LJ? Will he be the one escaping in S2?

Well, I ended up missing the first half of this episode. I guess Heller's alive and we all knew Slime would turn on them all. And the Pres was talking too long in shooting his brains out for that to actually happen. There's still time for Martha to do it! And damn it, don't kill Aaron! I have to say, unless there was a lot of good stuff in the first half, but I'm really ready for this season to be over. It feels like they should have wrapped it up by now. I don't recall this kind of enervation setting in in previous seasons. This whole "secret cabal that runs everything" is really, really overdone. X-Files, Alias, Prison Break, 24. Watch Craphole Island turn out to be a scheme by a bunch of guys in suits in a darkly lit room. (Not that I care.)

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