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I ... I don't know what icon to use!!! *uploads and switches out icons -- ahhh, there we go!*

DEAR GOD. I cannot believe how good that was.

*is in shock*

*cries for Desmond*

OMG CAPTIVITY FIC!!!! foxxcub, you can write that fic now!

"I think I crashed your plane." O__O

Charlie + booboos = Claire love, apparently. :-/ Claire is an h/c fiend!

But Charlie, what about your boyfriend, Eko?!!!

And OMG, I wrote fic where The Others took Jack and Kate out with darts!!! (Very few people on my flist now have read it, but some of you can vouch for me!) And I wrote fic where they were going to break back into the hatch with dynamite! ;-) /end patting self on back.

Did anyone else think Desmond would run for the boat and not the hatch when he had the chance? Also, why the FUCK would he go along with Locke if he knew what happened when the counter got down to zero? Someone explain that to me!!

And Walt wasn't the least bit perturbed to see Jack, Kate, Sawyer & Hurley bound & gagged?! The apple doesn't fall far from teh tree. *spits on them both* GOOD RIDDANCE, YOU FUCKS. I seriously thought that boat was going to blow up. :-/ Maybe it still can. Or they'll end up right back there, like Desmond.

Also, how amazingly hot (was)! Desmond?! Maybe he can sail that boat to China now and rescue Jack Bauer!!

ETA: As I just commented to decidedly below: It's like they're Dharma and the show is the damn button and I lost my faith but it's back, dammit!! But the only thing that blew up was me! You have to admit that at times pushing the button has been pointless and frustrating as hell. But god, what a payoff.

And for all of you, the song that played in the background with Kelvin & Desmond:
B.B. King: Chains and Things (m4a) -- if anyone wants me to convert to mp3 and reupload, I will.

Also, Tim Daly, coming back to my TV? Life is good!


May. 25th, 2006 12:47 pm (UTC)
For some reason I didn't think you were going to like it, I don't know why, but I thought that.only because of all the backstory or such.

And the fact that Michael got away.

But hell I loved it, actually I gave it a 95 last night but thinking about it more this morning, it's a total 98, 2 points off for some parts that could have been put to better use focusing on Jack and Sawyer.

But still DAMN!!

Desmond..my sister doesn't even watch it, she came into my room and was like.."who in the hell is that, he's hot." Yes she was referring to Desmond.

But getting back to the show, I think I crashed your plane and "I was wrong" just the way that Locke said that line it has to be right up there with the best quotes ever.

As I was watching it I was saying..that's a fic idea, and another one..and another one..and the captivity fic..maybe they will put Sawyer and Jack in a room and OBSERVE them *smile*

But how brilliant was it for them to put every single lead (with the exception of Charlie) in some sort of danger or not knowing where they are...WONDERFUL!!!

I'm glad they did show that pushing that button really did mean something, but know that the key was inserted, does that mean that's finally over with?

Can NOT wait to see next season now!!!
May. 25th, 2006 11:40 pm (UTC)
I'm kind of shocked I liked it too! I think I'm in a really good place, after bottoming out. But I also think they brought their "A" game to the finale. Everything was clicking. I really cared about Desmond, all the alternate stories were compelling and edge-of-seat-making.

And yes, everyone's fate is up in the air! *chews fingernails*

Count me in for next season. Definitely!!

I'm a little pissed about Michael getting off without any punishment but if that means it's gone for good (which it very well may not), then I can live with that.


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