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Supernatural, eps 1-9

Have spent the weekend sleeping (darn cold!) and downloading and watching eps of Supernatural.

I'm really enjoying it so far. I just got to episode 9, "Home," where Daddy Winchester returns! Yaaay! Having seen "Dead Man's Blood" and the finale (I know, very scattershot approach to the season), I was really waiting for him to show up. And this was really the best episode by far. Definitely gave me chills. And flaming ghost = Mom! And lady-in-distress = lady from "Confidence Man!" I knew she looked damn familiar! And Loretta Devine + Jeffrey Dean Morgan = GA reunion!

The whole series is the Hardy Boys meets the X-Files, isn't it? So many of the eps are cut from whole cloth of other shows or movies (Bloody Mary = The Ring), but I'm enjoying the characters and their arc. Even in a relatively cruddy episode like "Phantom Traveler," which had the stupidest boogieman ever (a cloud of black sulphur?) it was fun to see them dress up in suits. For a second there, that ep scared me, because they mentioned Flight 401. I read a book about that called, appropriately enough, "The Ghost of Flight 401" when I was in junior high or so and it scared the crap out of me. So I thought the episode was going to be damn scary. And then, eh, no. But "Bloody Mary" was scary and you wouldn't have ever caught *me* saying that in a mirror, no matter how many sleepover/sceances I attended as a girl. (Did everyone else do the "She looks dead. She is dead" thing and try to lift someone with just one finger each?)

Of course, I love the Metallicar. Love the music.

It's funny that the one episode I'd seen before, "Dead in the Water," was the only episode where Sam's tragic loss of Jess (nightmares, etc.), wasn't mentioned, leading me to believe, after watching the pilot, that the whole subject matter just got dropped. Not so! And on second viewing, it was a better episode, although clearly it's folly to ever plunge a sink with your bare hands on this show!!

And I can see where the slash comes from. Because a) no regular females, b) any girl that loves a Winchester is doomed, just like any girl who ever loved a Cartwright promptly got an arrow or a tomahawk to the stomach or fell down a well or something, c) enough supernatural stuff going on that even if these two are doing it, chances are one of them isn't really themselves. Doesn't mean I'm going to be reading the Wincest, LOL!

Sure, there are a lot of plot holes: (The shapeshifter in "Skin" didn't need to shed between transforming from that girl back to Dean?; Dean's now a wanted murderer and that's not a problem?) And I would have jumped in the Metallicar rather than stay in that house during the bug swarm because metal seems a whole lot more impenetrable than wood and they would have been leaving the cursed ground instead of trying to ride it out. Oh well, everyone's still alive and all is well.

OK, now Daddy Winchester is back (unbeknownst to our boys!) and I'm going to watch the next three eps I have downloaded.

Still haven't made it out to see X3 -- not like that hurt its box office any! Maybe later today?
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