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Supernatural 10-17

Whee! I'm at episode 17. In reverse order:

"Hell House" -- The best episode yet! Loved this one! Scary *and* hilarious. Kind of like the X-Files "Jose Chung" episode. And every cult show is better with a geek squad. ;-) And also, Shirtless!Sam. MY! MY! *pauses* Very nice. And can I say, I totally called that that symbol was Blue Oyster Cult! LOL. Having a song play earlier in the episode didn't hurt make the i.d. either. (And also, Dean contemplates buying a Kansas album. BWAH! Carry on, my wayward son! Except, that would have to be Sam, wouldn't it?) I actually read a ghost story in an anthology in which a guy gives a radio broadcast and makes up a boogieman, but with his rapt audience buying every word, the thing comes to life and kills him! Ooops!

"Shadow" -- Yaay for Daddy Winchester! Except he's gone again. :-/ Dean telling Pop he has to go is kind of like Jack saying,"Oh no, Kate, don't tell me about your crime." Very frustrating for the audience. And yet, with papa around, would we have gotten Shirtless!Sam? I'm not really digging Nikki Aycox as Meg. I knew she was evil (having already seen the finale), but eh. I think I would have kept looking for a different actress. So far, no one's had as much chemistry with either of the boys than Dean with Layla. Did I miss something between the boys deciding not to tip Meg off that they're onto her and them going and doing exactly that? Also: Emo!Dean. *pets him* But dude, I do believe that was a chick flick moment you had there.

"The Benders" -- It really was just people. I thought for a while there they'd be feeding an enormous, evil creature or something. But no, just murdering, psychotic, hillbillies from hell! Deliverance references are always funny, aren't they? I liked Deputy Kathleen enormously in this. When they don't go for a "hottie," they do hire people who can really act. I'm beginning to enjoy all the different getups the boys wear. State Troopers! ;-) Why do I get the feeling that Dean is romancing some girl who works at a costume rental shop? Which was the ep now where Dean talks about his lady cop friend with the tattoo? Pleasant imagery!

"Nightmare" -- This was a completely ho hum episode until the moment where Max reveals how his mother died. I got goosebumps. And his aunt: none other than Kate Austen's mom, Diane! Her maternal skills are a bit lacking in TVLand! The boys as priests = love. I think this is the episode where I finally fell for Sam, no doubt in part to him slicking his hair back a bit and being all sympathetic/understanding. Also, is it just me, or was Dean very slightly blond in the beginning of the series? And now, much less so? He could stand just a touch of blond is all I'm saying.

"Route 666" -- Well, I liked this well enough. I'm surprised Cassie was allowed to live, but kudos to the show for not going the entirely clichéd route. That actress (and her super tight clothing) didn't do much for me. Can't really buy her as the love of Dean's life, but eh. What are you gonna do?

"Faith" -- I loved this episode. Really deepened the characters for me. Great to see Julie Benz again (not evil!) and the Reaper was very Gentleman-like, wasn't he? All-around terrific episode. At first, I thought Dean getting zapped was a future occurrence that Sam was seeing in a vision and was going to have to prevent. Obviously, our boy can't die of a bum ticker halfway into the season!! Dean and Layla were so good together.

"Scarecrow" -- This was also awesome. Super frightening scarecrow. And omg, Cigarette Smoking Man! I recognized him by his voice! He's not looking so good. Just makeup, perhaps? This could easily have been an X-Files episode (and I mean that as a compliment, of course!) I picture the writers sitting around, poring over books and illustrations (kind of a reverse of the boys and Giles and Willow), trying to decide what demon/myth to bring to life next. Fun! Of course, you knew the aunt and uncle would get it instead, but that doesn't take away from the fun.

"Asylum" -- Nicely creepy. Sure, it's a ripoff of "House on Haunted Hill," but since that movie was frankly, awful, this is an improvement. Did anyone else ever see "Session 9," in which a group of guys are painting an abandoned asylum and one of them starts to go a little nuts? Reminded me of that too. Asylums are just plain disturbing. Kudos to the art director for this and the "Hell House." Bangup job on both.

Also, can I just say how much I love, love, love the series of tacky motels the guys are staying at? The horns behind Dean's head as he tries to figure out what that symbol is in "Hell House?" Love. This show makes me want to buy a muscle car, stock it with classic rock tunes and hit the road.

Ok, episode 18 has 15 minutes left on its download. Yay!
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