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Supernatural question

I'm just getting into Supernatural fandom and have come across some terrific gen fics. But every single fic comm (and there are lots!) all feature Wincest very prominently. I was hoping there was a comm where that wasn't the case but not so. So ... should I start one? Slash of all kinds (Dean/Sawyer? Sam/Spike?) would still be welcome. Just NO INCEST!

ETA: Ok, no need! ;)
-- There already is a no-Wincest comm, called, appropriately enough: wincest_free. Not much fic right now, but still, it exists! It's pro slash, just no incest. It's also got vids, discussion, etc.
-- And another one! ;-) spn_brotherlove. More fic here and about 400 members. Awesome!
-- Also, joining spn_gen.
-- And here's a SPN fic archive that's also Wincest-free. http://winchester-journals.net/

Thanks to kayim and thelana for the links!

Also, Happy Birthday, gottalovev! ;-) Have a fantastic day, love!!!
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