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Two memes, a link and a manifesto

1. Has everyone seen this? (Courtesy kataclysmic) It's Josh and Foxy and several other actors talking about their favorite inventions. ;-) I think it must be from the same interviews as the "favorite body part" but I'd never seen these before.

2. TV fandom meme: (Gakked from foxxcub). From each of your fandoms, choose your favorite character, ship & episode. One only!

(Going with current shows only.)
- Lost
Favorite Character: Sawyer
Favorite Ship: Jack/Sawyer
Favorite Episode: Confidence Man/Exodus, Part 1 (I can't choose!)

- 24
Favorite Character: Tony Almeida
Favorite Ship: Tony/Michelle
Favorite Episode: I suck at keeping track of which eps are which. But definitely Day 3, with Michelle in the infected hotel and people panicking and then dropping like flies and her not knowing whether she's infected too. DAMN good TV. But also the ep (same season) where Jack is ordered to kill his boss, Ryan Chappelle? GAH! Outside of Oz, I don't think I've seen a more intense hour of TV ever.

- Supernatural
Favorite Character: Dean Winchester
Favorite Ship: None
Favorite Episode: Faith

- Grey's Anatomy
Favorite Character: Christina Yang
Favorite Ship: Yang/Burke
Favorite Episode: Hmmm. The Super Bowl one? This is not a show I do much more with than watch!

- Desperate Housewives
Favorite Character: Andrew Van de Kamp (Tom Scavo, close second)
Favorite Ship: Andrew/Justin
Favorite Episode: I Know Things Now (the Andrew/Peter episode!)

3. And my Lost manifesto:

No one shall bash Sawyer or Jack (or Josh or Foxy) in my LJ. Very frowned upon. Also know that I really enjoyed and miss Shannon. I would have loved to see how her character changed on the island. Alas!

Anyone not know how I feel about Ana? OK then, LOL. It's so bad, that, for the most part, I just have to stop reading most fics the second she crops up. (Although I have written her into a few, even somewhat fairly!) It's like my knee-jerk reaction to George Bush if he's on the radio or TV. I have to rush to turn it off RIGHT THIS SECOND!! So I really, really appreciate fic warnings. And yes, I am NEVER watching "Two for the Road."

Michael: He went from being boring to being annoying to needing to be torn apart limb from limb. I have zero sympathy for that asshole. Just NONE. Claire is possibly the blandest, most boring TV character of all time. Dullsville. Libby was pointless. Rose really, really rubs me the wrong way. Other than that, everyone is great. ;) Except Charlie has the very worst backstories ever (after Michael) and can they PLEASE do something about that? I do have issues with the consistency of Kate's character. (What consistency? LOL) And Sun so often being just a wife and/or potential mother. But I do like both characters at core and am willing to chalk up most o the glitches to bad writing.

With very rare exceptions, I won't read fic where the following people are being sexed up: Ana, Charlie, Claire, Locke, Henry, Jin (nothing against him, I just don't find him very sexy!) I'm also not big on most Jack/Kate. It's not just MPREG that squicks me out, but any pregnancy storylines. Not my bag at all. Same with incest. (Faux incest, though, is another matter.)

4. Music meme, tagged by neon_lights_x

List seven songs that you enjoy at the moment. Put these instructions in your LiveJournal with the seven songs and then tag another seven people to know what they're listening to.

(Many are courtesty of audiography's just-ended '80s week. Yay!)
1. Atlantic - Keane
2. Up the Down Escalator - The Chameleons
3. Runaways - XTC
4. April Skies - Jesus & Mary Chain
5. Safe From Harm - Massive Attack
6. Supermassive Black Hole - Muse
7. The Whole of the Moon - The Waterboys

I think everyone on my flist has probably already done this, so if you haven't, you're it!
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