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I've been recc'd. Dude!

So, everyone's doing it, thought I'd say, "Yay, I've been recc'd." Thanks to eponine119's post, I discovered that lost_news declared "Luck, Part 2" an It Fic of the Week a few weeks ago.
Cool. Nitpick: they said it was rated NC-17, but that didn't happen until Part 6, as some of you who were patiently waiting for the damn smut could testify. ;->

"A Rare Case of Conscience" was also an "It Fic." Neat! Even weirder, a while ago I came across a rec for that fic (which wasn't remotely slashy!) at Panfandom Slash Recs, run by ceanshinythings. Wow! Definitely worth checking out their recs, although some of the fandoms I've never heard of! (Anime, British stuff, etc.)

It's always a thrill to see someone, somewhere, saying, "You've gotta read this fic" and then you realize it's one you wrote! Makes me feel ... kind of voyeuristic, actually. ;-> Oh, yeah, and really, really pleased.

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