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Sawyer vids

Ahh, I love Youtube.com.

Poking around there and found this Sawyer/Desmond vid. Actually works pretty well (and makes use of some footage from this season's 24!) Although I fail to get the intercutting between Sawyer-in-the-rain and Desmond making a protein shake! LOL.

And, hey foxxcub! This one is cute: set to "He's a Tramp" from Lady and the Tramp. (Although there is some brief Ana footage in here - you've been warned! And vid quality is kind of so-so. But ahhhhhdorable!)

And this one is pretty amateurish, but it made me giggle. Where Sawyer Knows Your Name, set to the Cheers theme song, featuring just about every nickname Sawyer's ever used.

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