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Just got back from seeing Pirates...


Dear God, that was terrible! I had to force myself to stay 'til the end. Just ... GAH! How could they fuck it up so badly? I was sick of Davy Jones and his crew after two minutes. Waaay too much crappy CGI, all around. And...

WTF with all the random mixing of mythology? Davy Jones's ship is the Flying Dutchman? Umm, no. And the Kraken? Why not bring in Poseidon and the Sirens and maybe Loki and Thor while you're at it?

There were moments I enjoyed, here and there, like the threeway sword fight (heh) but overall, just a horrible mess. I also couldn't understand half of what anyone was saying.

I did think that the East Indian Trading Co. guy made a good villain. He was Mr. Collins in Pride & Prejudice and an ineffectual relative needing money in Gosford Park. And he also reminds me of George on Grey's Anatomy, LOL.

So yeah, count me out for the sequel. :-( I'm really glad I only paid $5 for this.
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