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Lost, the Movie?

Has anyone heard about this before?

You'll Eventually Be Able to Get "Lost" at the Movies

Scott Weinberg writes: "First we learn that "24" is planning to make the leap onto the silver screen, and now comes the (not very surprising) news that smash series "Lost" also has its sights set on life after network.

One of the "Lost" creators shared a quick little tease with PRInside: "The makers of LOST want to end the hit TV show after a maximum of five years and are planning a feature-length movie spin-off. Co-creator Damon Lindelof is so worried producers and studio executives will drag the show out he is making his opinion on the matter clear now. He says, "We'd love to end the show after four year, five years tops and do a movie."

Bring on the nudity and (good) sex scenes!

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