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Favorite songs from different bands

1. Favorite Beatles song: "Tomorrow Never Knows"
2. Favorite Rolling Stones song: "Paint it Black"
3. Favorite Doors song: "Riders on the Storm"

4. Favorite Bob Dylan song: Eh. I care not for Dylan but I'm amused by "Everybody Must Get Stoned."
5. Favorite Manic Street Preachers song: ---
6. TV Theme Song: The Wild Wild West
7. Favorite Prince Song: "When Doves Cry"
8. Favorite Madonna Song: For today, let's say "Into the Groove"
9. Favorite Michael Jackson Song: He is dead to me. YUCK.
10. Favorite Metallica Song: "Until it Sleeps" (At this moment.)
11. Favorite Motorhead Song: --
12. Favorite Ozzy Song: "Iron Man" (Ok, that's a Sabbath song, but still)
13. Favorite Public Enemy Song: "Fight the Power"
14. Favorite song from a cartoon: "Beetlejuice" theme
15. Favorite Faith No More song: "Midlife Crisis"
16. Favorite Depeche Mode song: "Never Let Me Down Again"
17. Favorite Cure song: "Just Like Heaven"
18. Favorite song that most of your friends haven't heard: "Pump Up the Volume" - Colourbox/MARRS (this week!)
19. Favorite Smiths song: "What She Said"
20. Favorite Beastie Boys song: "What'cha Want?" (tied with "Sabotage")
21. Favorite Ministry song: "Stigmata"
22. Favorite Police song: "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" (tied with "Synchronicity II")
23. Favorite Sex Pistols song: Ummm, "God Save the Queen"?
24. Favorite Beach Boys song: Not really my thing but I do like "Wouldn't It Be Nice"
25. Favorite Def Leppard song: "Rock of Ages"
26. Favorite song from a movie: "I Wanna Be Like You" from The Jungle Book
27. Favorite Duran Duran song: "Hungry Like the Wolf"
28. Favorite Therapy? song: ---
29. Favorite Johnny Cash song: "Jackson"
30. Favorite song from an 80's one hit wonder: "Living on Video" -- Trans X
31. Favorite song from a video game: Ha! Bzzt! Next!
32. Favorite Kinks song: "You Really Got Me"
33. Genesis song: "Abacab"
34. Favorite Thin Lizzy song: "Jailbreak"
35. Favorite INXS song: "Don't Change"
36. Favorite Weird Al song: Well ... I guess "Eat It"?
37. Favorite Pulp song: "This is Hardcore"
38. Favorite John Lennon song: "Instant Karma"
39. Favorite Pink Floyd song: "Another Brick In The Wall"
40. Favorite cover song: "Blue Monday" (New Order, covered by Orgy/"Lucretia My Reflection" (Sisters of Mercy, covered by Alkaline Trio) (Why yes, I am a big, big goth at heart. Thank you.)
41. Favorite White Stripes: "Seven Nation Army"
42. Favorite dance song: "Freeek!" by George Michael, as of this week.
43. Favorite U2 song: "New Year's Day"
44. Favorite song from an actor turned musician: "I Fought the Law" by Colin Farrell
45. Favorite disco song: "Got to be Real" - Cheryl Lynn
46. Favorite Motley Crue song: ---
47. Favorite Guns N' Roses song: "Welcome to the Jungle"
48. Favorite Who song: "Baba O Riley" (you may know it as "Teenage Wasteland" because of the chorus)
49. Favorite Elton John song: "Rocket Man" (This could be a Bowie song, don't you think?)
50. Favorite song, period: "Temptation" - New Order

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