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Movies, etc.

Hugh Jackman's in four films this year? Wow. And at least two of them look good, LOL. ;)

So far there's been X3 and upcoming is Scoop (which I've already seen and in which he was very good but there is entirely too much Woody Allen in the film. And, sadly, after the hotness that was Match Point Hugh's scenes with Scarlett Johansson are very chaste. Still, perhaps worth a matinee.)


The Prestige (or my most anticipated movie of 2006!) Hugh and Scarlett again and Christian Bale. In a film by Christopher Nolan that looks quite dark? *loves* Trailer

The Fountain, which features my girl crush Rachel Weisz and is directed by Darren Aronofsky. This could be awful but I'm intrigued. I loved Pi (the best thinkie movie ever?) but never saw Requiem for a Dream. Trailer

What else? Nothing decent is opening this weekend. Everything looks just awful. Perversely, I want to see Miami Vice (which opens next week) despite advance word that it's a bomb and my intense dislike of Jamie Foxx, post-Oscar. It's Michael Mann, after all, and when has he made a bad film? *thinks* Well, the ending of Collateral was a complete copout, and the movie definitely had its issues (the hitman visits the cabbie's mom in the hospital?!!) but I do so love the mood Mann always creates in his films. Oh wait -- Ali! Now, THAT was unwatchable! I had the stomach flu when I went to see it and every time I came back from the bathroom (yes, very unfortunate), I asked my friend what was going on and she kept saying, "I have no idea!" You never got any sense of how much time had passed in between scenes or even who different characters were! I never did see the whole thing, because, why bother?

And now for some fun: Has everyone seen the "The Internet is a series of tubes" dance remix vid?

Here's a Daily Show clip for the backstory. And then this very funny followup.

And lastly, someone linked to this the other day and it's hysterically funny: Star Trek/Holy Grail spoof. Proving that Star Trek: TOS is the campiest show ever not to actually feature drag queens.

Ahh, the glory of Youtube! See, the internet *is* a series of tubes!! ;)
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