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Lost spoilers for S3

Since they've said they're bringing in yet another new love interest for Jack (yeah, like that last one went so well - morons! - apparently they never learn), this statement then must mean that Kate chooses Sawyer.

Lindelof also promises that the two-seasons-strong love triangle among Kate (Evangeline Lilly), Jack (Matthew Fox) and Sawyer (Josh Holloway) will have a resolution.

"Within the first six episodes, she'll be officially making her selection," he said.


Well, obviously that can't last! You can't actually have two major characters hook up and expect them to live stay together. Not that I don't want a Skate hookup. It's just ... what about all that "Oh Jack and Kate will absolutely happen" bullshit then? Or is this the sexybadwrongdirty Skate hookup that paves the way for the inevitable "meant to be/true love 4eva" Jack/Kate?

Eh. I don't believe a thing they say about the longterm plans for this show. They keep changing things. (Which, y'know, they're entitled to do, it's just why make these grand sweeping statements about the direction of the show and then do something different? Disinformation campaign?) They brought in the bitch from hell for Jack and then fobbed her off on Sawyer. Who knows how this new chick is going to work out? As long as she avoids driving drunk, she's probably going to be around a little bit longer. Just better be good to our Jack! (For the record, I wasn't a big Sarah fan either. Not after she got out of that hospital bed, that is.)

Anyway, pardon me if I'm a wee bit cynical about any new info about the show. Yes, Rodrigo Santoro is hella hot but if they've brought him into squeeze out Josh, I'm gonna hafta cut a bitch!

Wait -- the title of the premiere is A Tale of Two Cities? HA! *diez laughing*
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