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More Lost casting

I'm not really here today ... but I just had to weigh in about this!


Elizabeth Mitchell is the new woman in Jack's life? Now HER, I like! ;) Mom in Frequency. Laura Innes's squeeze on ER. Angelina's squeeze in Gia. Tim Allen's squeeze in Santa Clause 2, LOL. I like her a LOT. I can see her with Foxy. This is looking up. So does this mean that the Natasha Henstridge casting was wrong? Or is she showing up in someone's backstory only? Or something? (Also, EM's résumé facilitates a lot of girlslash, doesn't it?)

And hey - since we never got that "Adrift" Sawyer backstory, we never got Jolene Blalock's guest shot. She must be PISSED! Any word whether the cut backstory is on the DVD?
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