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This is why SPN fandom rocks

I'm sure you've seen Plastic!Winchester Theater but did you know there are new episodes?! Episode 2 Episode 3. Episode 4

And have you also seen the Lego version of the episode "Nightmare?" (Spoilers if you haven't seen the episode) These are both a little Wincesty but it's funny when it's toys.

And if you thought YOUR fandom was obsessive, check out Super-canon. Scripts, Demonology, etc. How obsessive? Not only complete list of clothing worn by Sam, Dean and John, but graphs tracking the frequency with which they wear them. I kid you not!

(Also. Mini *squee* that the first chapter of my SPN/Lost fic made the SPN newsletter. Yaaay! I know it's not a rec but still squeeworthy. Thanks to everyone who read it, even people who aren't familiar with Supernatural!)
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