halfdutch (halfdutch) wrote,

Mel the Drunk

Creepy! Watch Mel go from Hunk to Drunk.
Morphing "fun" from Us Weekly.

Man, he did used to be hot in the Road Warrior and The Year of Living Dangerously but after that? After the Lethal Weapon mullet and the dropping of the Aussie accent and the crazy eyes? Yeah, no thanks. And bigotry never looks good on anyone. I was pleased to see that more Hollywood types than just agent Ari Emmanuel have publicly denounced him. I haven't really liked Mel since his homophobic comments around the time of Braveheart. He made nice with GLAAD at the time but yeah, Grade-A jerk, all around. Has been for years.

What else is new? Now you have to be a member to comment at ONTD. And their new layout is ... narrow. Makes reading comments a real chore but hey, at least comments are back.

Work's picked up but I expect to be able to play again at lostsquee soon. *waves to the party from here*

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