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Persuasion (Jack/Sawyer fic NC-17)

Title: Persuasion
Summary: A Jack/Sawyer smut fic in three acts, with a spot of angst. Follow-up to The Setup.
Rating: NC-17
Note: With apologies to Jane Austen for the title. This is much more Henry Miller. Or even... S.E. Hinton? ;->

“Where’s Kate?” Jack asked, surveying their usual spot and seeing only Sawyer lounging lazily on a blanket and regarding him between lidded eyes.

“She’ll be along soon,” Sawyer said, eying Jack carefully. “Guess she’s runnin’ late. Women, eh?”

“Yeah,” Jack said with a halfhearted laugh. He sat down next to Sawyer.

They’d been getting together with Kate for about two weeks now, as often as they could, fucking as if their lives depended on it. As if getting each other off meant actually being free of this damn island for those precious few moments.

But then they’d have to come back to earth, get dressed, and go back to their individual tents or caves and keep up the pretense that nothing was going on.

When Jack and Sawyer had occasion to talk during the day, which was rare, there was still that wary hostility in their interactions, despite the fact that they had kissed, that they’d been almost as intimate as two men could be.

And this whole time, Sawyer had been trying to figure out a way to get Jack on his own. He loved a challenge and Jack was certainly a challenge. He’d found that when he was fucking Kate, he’d close his eyes and tune into Jack’s moans. He’d find excuses to accidentally touch Jack more than necessary. He wondered how long he could keep getting away with it before being called on it.

He decided it was time to make his move. Maybe he’d just end up blowing the whole arrangement, but three was an unstable number anyway, he figured. No way this thing could last. One of them was bound to start having regrets or fall in love or some other nonsense that would cancel their little sex games for good.

Kate didn’t know about this little rendezvous, Sawyer had made sure.

“Drink?” Sawyer held up a small bottle enticingly.

“How many more of these are there?” Jack asked, not making a move for it.

“Not many,” Sawyer admitted. “Maybe it’s time we got a still goin.’ Reckon you can make booze out of bananas?”

Jack laughed. “I have no idea, but it there’s a way, I’m sure you’ll find it, Sawyer.”

Sawyer put his hand to his heart. “Wow, a vote of confidence, doc. I’m moved.” He pressed the bottle on Jack. “Enjoy it. While you can.”

Jack took it uncertainly. “We should really save this for medicinal purposes,” he sighed, but he unscrewed the top and took a swig. He gagged. “It’s Kahlua. Never could stand it.”

“You have some on your lip,” Sawyer said, reaching up a thumb to wipe the liquid off Jack’s mouth. He paused, then leaned in and kissed him.

Surprisingly, Jack yielded to him, opening up his mouth and leaning into him. Emboldened by Jack’s willingness, Sawyer moved his hand to Jack’s thigh, where it hovered teasingly for a minute or two. Then Sawyer threw caution to the wind and cupped Jack’s crotch. He heard Jack breathe in sharply, but he didn’t move away.

Sawyer grinned mid-kiss and began stroking Jack through his jeans, his other hand pressed against Jack’s chest. He had Jack panting now and he couldn’t believe how well this was going. Sawyer could feel Jack’s cock straining against his jeans, and he obligingly unzipped him and slipped his hand inside. Jack moaned and reached between Sawyer’s legs.

God! Sawyer, silently blasphemed. He was more excited than he’d been in a long time. He paused and spit in his hand and returned to stroking Jack. Under Jack’s hand, he was hard too by now, and the two of them were panting at each other’s touch.

If he’d known that Jack was this easy, he would have made a move days ago. He started tugging Jack’s jeans past his hips and Jack stopped what he was doing to help him.

Hating to break contact, Sawyer whipped off his own shirt and jeans as quick as he could. Jack had his shirt off too and they fell together again, their hands roaming over each other’s bodies. Jack felt so strong, so solid. Sawyer knew women’s bodies so well, knew how to reduce them to jelly without hardly trying. A man was something very different, but Sawyer didn’t let on that this was new to him

Drawing on his considerable expertise, he soon had Jack gasping. He grinned that he had Jack right where he wanted him, that he had him so blissed out that he had completely forgotten to reciprocate and try to get Sawyer off.

A deep shudder went through Jack and he came, spurting hotly all over Sawyer’s stomach. Sawyer stroked his back, and kissed him again, possessively. But he hadn’t gotten everything he wanted yet.

He brought Jack’s hand to his own cock and Jack started, realizing how negligent he had been. “You wanna make me come?” Sawyer whispered, and Jack nodded. Sawyer edged his hips closer to Jack’s. He pressed Jack’s thighs apart and rubbed against him, probing gently. “Let me fuck you, Jack,” Sawyer breathed in his ear.

Jack pushed him away, shocked out of his dreamy state. “What? No!”

Sawyer pulled him back, drawling seductively. “C’mon, Jack, I promise it’ll be good. You know I can make you feel good, right?”

“Yeah, well, that’s something else. The answer is no,” Jack said firmly, pushing Sawyer away from him.

But Sawyer didn’t give up so easily. “I want you, Jack,” he purred. He kept pushing, kept wheedling until Jack was close to caving. But then Jack felt the tip of Sawyer’s cock against his ass and he lost it.

“Dammit, I said no!” Jack said and hauled off and punched Sawyer in the nose. Sawyer fell back with a pained shout, his hands over his nose. “Oh shit,” Jack said, bending over him.

“Jesus, you fuckin’ pussy,” Sawyer groaned. “You didn’t have to hit me. I think you broke my nose.”

“Let me see,” Jack said gently. Sawyer reluctantly took his hands away and let Jack examine it.

“Ow! Fuck!” he muttered while Jack checked the damage.

“You’re lucky, it’s not broken,” Jack said. “But you’re going to have two black eyes and a lot of swelling.”

“Christ, what I wouldn’t give for some ice,” Sawyer griped.

“I’m sorry, Sawyer,” Jack said, sounding like he meant it. “I just wasn’t ready for that. And when someone says no, you should listen.”

Sawyer sighed heavily. “Well, you can’t blame a guy for trying.” He sat up and managed to grin. “I have a pretty good track record of talking people into stuff they were very sure they never wanted to do.”

“Great. I’m one in a long line of people stupid enough to ...” Jack said, shaking his head. “Kate wasn’t coming at all, was she?”

“Why doc, are you accusing me of lying?” Sawyer said, blinking innocently.

“Yeah. Yeah, I am,” Jack said heatedly. “Why can’t you ever be straightforward? Why do you have to be so ... underhanded all the time?”

“OK,” Sawyer said, clenching his jaw. “I’ll lay it on the line for you. I’ve been thinkin’ about you ever since that first time. Been thinkin’ how much I wanted to fuck you instead of havin’ Kate between us all the time. I wanted to get you all to myself. I’ve wanted you more than I’ve wanted most women. Satisfied?” He smiled, but it was a hostile expression, completely without humor.

Jack took this information in, his eyes widening. “Wow. Huh. Well, I’m flattered, I guess,” he said uncertainly.

“Oh, save it, doc,” Sawyer said, standing up. “I fucked this up royally, like I do everything. You can get back on your sanctimonious high horse and go marry Kate and raise a bunch of snot-nosed kids with disgustingly perfect morals.”

Jack snorted. “So you think that’s what I want? Sawyer, you may know a lot about sex, but you don’t know anything about...” He broke off, a disdainful look on his face.

“Yeah,” Sawyer sighed, pulling on his jeans. “I’m somewhat lacking in moral fiber. And loving kindness. And every other fuckin’ virtue.”

Jack dressed and they walked back to camp in angry silence, not saying goodbye as Jack headed to the caves and Sawyer split for the beach.

“Jesus, what happened to you?” Kate asked when she saw him the next day. He was now sporting two beautiful shiners, as Jack had predicted.

“Jack,” he said simply.

“What were you two fighting over?” she asked, clearly disappointed in him.

“You, sweetheart. What else?” he sighed.

“What did you say?”

“Not a goddamn thing,” he muttered. “But let’s just say our happy threesome is history.”

“Dammit, I knew you’d go and fuck it up,” Kate said, exasperated. “Sawyer, why couldn’t you let it alone?”

“Because nothing gold can stay, Pony Boy,” he drawled.

“Pony Boy? What’s that supposed to mean?” she said crossly.

“It means go run off and fuck Jack’s brains out like a good girl.”

She shook her head. “I don’t understand you Sawyer. You’re determined to ruin everything you ever touch.” She stormed out of his tent.

“That’s me,” he said quietly after she had gone.

For the next few days, he avoided Jack and Kate. It wasn’t hard to do. He got a lot of looks over his black eyes and swollen nose, but since folks hadn’t exactly chatted him up after he’d been stabbed, his new battle scars weren’t cause for conversation. Not to his face, anyway.

There was plenty of talk behind his back, which he blithely ignored. He’d heard he’d tried to rape Kate and Jack had intervened heroically, socking him in the nose like Superman. Sawyer didn’t bother to correct anyone. If they wanted to think that about him, well, let them. It’s not like they weren’t partly right.

He glumly started polishing off the remaining bottles of booze, alone in his tent. He didn’t even bother to beat himself up about blowing a good thing. That was the upside of being fatalistic; not a lot of regret about the road not taken. All roads always led here, to solitary misery.

Kate and Jack probably were off fucking somewhere. Without him. He sighed again. Shit. He was throwing himself a pity party after all. He raised his bottle to himself in mock congratulations and then drained it.

“Sawyer?” Who should walk into his tent but Jack, his nervous energy somehow making him seem even more attractive.

“Well, color me surprised,” Sawyer said. “You here to break my nose this time?”

“No,” Jack said. He sat down next to Sawyer, noting the black eyes. “Just wanted to see how you were doing.”

“Me? Top o’ the world, doc,” Sawyer said with a mirthless grin. “Thanks so much for stoppin’ by.”

“Sawyer,” Jack said, hitting him with a look so intense Sawyer swallowed. “I’ve been thinking about what you said.”

“I say a lot of things,” Sawyer said carefully. “You wanna be a little more specific?”

Jack blushed but he didn’t break his gaze. “Why didn’t you just ask me first? Why did you try to trick me into it?”

Sawyer choked. “So, you’re saying if I ask nicely, I can have my way with you?”

Jack kissed him by way of an answer. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you, about how you made me feel,” he said, letting his hand stray inside Sawyer’s shirt. “This isn’t just some game, is it?” he asked, studying Sawyer’s face carefully.

Sawyer prepared a smart retort, and then let it die on his tongue. He realized he didn’t want to smash that hopeful look on Jack’s face. He didn’t want to ruin things this time.

This is dangerous, a little voice warned him. Jack wasn’t Kate. He didn’t have her toughness, her million defense mechanisms. Here he was, offering himself to Sawyer and it scared the hell out of him. Sawyer had been here before with someone who didn’t know the score, who was foolish enough to trust him. And dammit it, if he hadn’t tried to go along, to play at love and then feel almost as bad as she did when it inevitably fell to pieces.

“What do you want it to be?” he asked, his voice raspy.

“I don’t know,” Jack admitted, dropping his eyes, only to bring them up again, fixing Sawyer with a resolute stare. “Let’s not think. Let’s not talk.” He pressed his lips against Sawyer’s again, and Sawyer gave in, ignoring the voice telling him to send Jack and his great big, bleeding heart packing.

He gave in as Jack undressed him and then stripped off his own clothes. Sawyer laid them both down, unnerved but incredibly turned on by the way Jack was looking at him. They kissed and Jack rolled against him eagerly, moaning. Sawyer wet his hand, then reached down and wrapped it around Jack’s already hard cock. Jack whimpered slightly as Sawyer began to stroke him, his own hand reaching for Sawyer.

Wetting his other hand, Sawyer gripped Jack’s ass, teasing his way around. He slipped a finger aside and felt a thrill at Jack’s gasp. He worked it deeper, reading Jack’s reaction to his every move. At first, Jack tensed in protest, but then he went almost limp against Sawyer.

Sawyer probed deeper, then inserted a second finger. Again, Jack tensed, but was soon moaning, his cock harder than ever. He kissed Sawyer, sloppily this time as his concentration waned.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” Sawyer whispered in his ear, with a little nip to his neck for emphasis. He jabbed his hand deeper into Jack.

“Yes,” Jack answered, panting.

“Say it,” Sawyer demanded.

“Fuck me, Sawyer,” Jack begged, “Fuck me!” Sawyer’s cock throbbed.

“I’m gonna fuck you senseless,” Sawyer said with a smile, taking Jack’s earlobe in his mouth.

He withdrew his hand and pulled Jack’s head down to his cock and Jack obligingly opened his mouth. Sawyer could have stopped right there and happily just fucked his hot, wet mouth, but that’s not what he wanted. After a few minutes, he pulled out.

He slicked himself up with some of his own spit for good measure and then turned Jack over on his back. He ran his hands over Jack’s thighs and ass, enjoying the shivers he was provoking. He spread Jack’s ass and positioned himself over him. He slowly pushed just the tip inside, feeling the tension in Jack as he did so. He ran his hand up Jack’s back and leaned over to talk low in his ear.

“It’s OK,” he said soothingly. “I’ll go real slow. You just tell me when to stop.”

Jack nodded and Sawyer pushed in deeper, nearly delirious with pleasure at how tight Jack was. Jack gasped but didn’t say anything. Sawyer kept rubbing his back, his thighs, as a distraction. He bit Jack’s ear as he went as deep as he thought he could go. “All right?” Sawyer asked and Jack responded with a tightlipped, “Mmm hmm,” that he knew meant he was still in pain.

Sawyer reached for Jack’s cock and began to stroke him. In a minute of two, Jack was hard again and Sawyer began to move inside him, slowly at first, then quickening his pace as he felt Jack push against him in time to his own thrusts. Soon, Jack was panting harder than ever and swearing under his breath.

Hearing Jack swear as he fucked him just about pushed Sawyer over the edge. He was so close, the waves of pleasure spreading up through his stomach and making his knees buckle. He was starting to lose it and he felt like he’d just started. Jack swore again and Sawyer’s cock exploded. He rode him through the orgasm, gasping at its intensity. He collapsed on top of Jack, kissing his shoulder blades and clinging to his powerful upper arms.

Jack was stroking himself frantically and Sawyer wrapped his hand over Jack’s, whispering in his ear until he came. Sawyer kissed the back of his neck. “That was fucking fantastic,” he panted.

Jack twisted his head back and kissed him, a deep, sloppy kiss that meant no regrets.

“You OK?” Sawyer said as he carefully pulled out. Jack winced and nodded. “Good.” Sawyer slapped his rear. “That is one fine ass, you got there, doc,” he said with a smile. “I’d be happy to tap it anytime.”

Jack smiled shyly and laughed.

“Uh oh,” Sawyer thought, realizing how damned endearing the doc’s laughter was. He sighed as he got up and toweled off. Then he grabbed the last two bottles of alcohol. “How about a toast?”

“To what?” Jack said as he opened the bottle.

“To not talkin.” They clinked bottles and drank. “And not thinkin.’”

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  • Happy Birthday!!

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