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Prison Break

OMG, they just killed Veronica! *squeeeeeee!*

That's so awesome. Of course, she was epically moronic and shortsighted until the end. How could she NOT think calls were being monitored? Ahh, Social Darwinism at its finest. Again, I say YAAAAAY! And it gave us Lincoln!Angst so that's always a good thing.

I was pretty ho-hum on this ep until then. William Fichtner is very intriguing but I'm just not as invested in this as I used to be. (See? No PB icons.) Once again, Michael is just the nicest guy EVER by providing clothes for everyone, even if he snarks while he does it. I was saving old PB eps from TiVo to tape today to make room for new eps and remember when he framed Haywire(?) by roughing himself up? I'd like to see more of *that* Michael, instead of Mr. Helpful.

Man, I just hope Veronica's really dead! And where the hell is LJ? Is he even on this show anymore?

Wait -- Previews: Operation LJ next week! But dammit, Tweener's back too. *sigh*


Overall verdict: I'm intrigued. So far, mostly so good. The cultish storyline could end up being lame, but we'll see.

"Starring Gale Harold" *squee* Sadly, he's fully dressed (unlike the boxer-brief-wearing TV cameraman!) Nice final exchange between Gale and "Wade Cummings."

And look, it's ... Ming-Na! With a bitchin' new do.

Rebecca Gayheart finally has something to add to her résumé besides Noxzema commercials, Brett Ratner girlfriend and runner-over-of-small-boys -- harpy reporter. Yeesh. She looks 45 and she just turned 35!

Ahh, the Biltmore. I've been there several times. Great bar to have drinks. (And it's where the Black Dahlia was last seen, I believe.) Wait, this is supposed to be in Georgia. There is a Biltmore hotel there, although it looks like they used the one in L.A
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