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I'm finally breaking into my Homicide: Life on the Street DVDs.

OMG, the theme music! (It's kind of similar to the Oz theme, isn't it?) The board! *gets nostalgic* (I actually love the opening sequence and was more upset by them redoing that in a Se7en-esque way than the addition of hotties in, what was it, S6?) Everyone looks so young!


I forgot that they build up to Pembleton's appearance, that they talk about him before they ever see him. His taste in ties. How he thinks he's smarter than everyone else "because he listens to Emmylou Harris." Comparing him to Gary Cooper in "High Noon."

Let's see, this is 1993 (13 years ago! O__O) It's incredibly hard to believe that NBC chose this as the show to follow the Superbowl that year. It's very talky, it's not at all action-packed. There's no hot babes. And yet, it started off well (ratings-wise), only to barely hang on by its nails. I also can't believe it limped along for 7 seasons.

I love that it's all on location. No soundstages. TV vérité.

So, it's 1993. One year after Reservoir Dogs and one before Pulp Fiction. And here we have detectives shooting the shit, discussing conspiracy theories. Perhaps QT was a fan? ;)

It's rather shocking to see Kay Howard just light up in the office!

Munch: (Lamenting the fact they only close 75% of their cases): It's mowing the lawn. You mow it and you have to mow it again next week.
Crosetti: It's homicide. One thing this country's still good at.

And foxxcub, if you ever get to see the show's finale, please keep the pilot handy. I loved how they circled back around to that first scene. *ignores follow-up TV movie*

Man, when Bayliss picks up that phone... and you know it's going to be the Adena Watson case. *gets chills*

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