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Prison Break
Yaaaay, LJ! ;) Looks like breaking LJ out will be part of the arc of S2.

Booo, Mahone. What the hell was up with his birdbath he was so mesmerized with in the opening there? Since he was a hybrid alien on Invasion, obsessed with water, couldn't help go there. "Oooh, water! Must stare at it for hours."

Waaaay too much T-Bag and Tweener (although a college campus is a good place to blend!) T-Bag ain't that smart, because (apart from the whole forcing-a-vet-to-sew-his-severed-hand-back-on-without-anesthesia thing) he had to know that one dosage at a vet's was likely for a 20 lb animal. 50 lbs, tops, I'll bet. So our dear vet is still alive. Man, what shape would you be in after that?

Too bad Lincoln and Michael can't haul Linc to Sara for some on-the-fly doctoring. (And no Sara this ep!)

Wonder what Pope will do now. Have we seen the last of him? Of course Bellick will be on their trail, but as a loose gun. What does it take to become a bounty hunter?

Vanished: Yeah, done with this one. The quality of the writing, even on tiny, procedural scenes, is embarrassingly subpar. Makes you appreciate 24 all the more.

BTW: Yaaay, for 24 sweeping the Emmys! But wtf with the clips they chose? I could have picked much better scenes to showcase that it actually *is* a character-driven show as much as an action show. Hell, a monkey could have! But yaay for Kiefer and co. ;)

Also congrats to Jon Stewart and Andre Braugher (always brilliant, although he hasn't had material anywhere near as good as Homicide since he left -- no one from the show has).
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