halfdutch (halfdutch) wrote,

*is suddenly terribly excited for S3*

SQUEEE! In case you missed it, I've capped the new Jack/Kate/Sawyer S3 promo HERE.

I'm feeling very bouncy and jittery.

I feel like reccing stuff. Ask me to rec a fic where _____ happens. Or a good movie (classic or otherwise) about _____. Or music to suit a _____ mood.

Or ... maybe I'll actually get some writing done. Let's see, here's my to-do list, in no particular order. I keep getting new ideas and have been too busy to get to the fics I already had on my plate. Woe!

1. Two wildly different Kate-centric post-island fics, one of which is a crossover that I'm probably insane to even consider
2. Jack/Sawyer/Shannon
3. Part 2 of the tennis pro fic
4. More of the SPN/Lost crossover fic
5. Two half-started captivity fics that I really should finish before the S3 premiere!
6. Yet another post-captivity fic (shockingly, not Jack/Sawyer)
7. Jack/Sawyer/Boone
8. Jack and James meet up again in their 20s fic

And that's not the whole list. There's birthday fics and luau fics (which may or may not be on the list above) and probably other fics! But I don't have much planned for this weekend, so I intend to bash out some writing at long last! It's been nearly a month since I posted a fic!

ETA: OK, extreme buzzkill delivered in the news that there is NO unaired Sawyer backstory on the S2 DVDs. So I won't be buying them. I guess I can hold out hope it'll eventually air in S3 but ... gah. They just love to screw us over, don't they? Whatever happened to having a series of Hibbs & Sawyer cons anyway? *sighs*
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