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RIP, Steve Irwin. Maybe unexpected, but still shocking and sad. I actually met him once and he was just like he was on TV. Loud, enthusiastic, and wearing those shorts, even at night. Very sad.

On a fandom note, I've been thinking more about what we're getting in Lost S3.

At first the promo footage had me excited, even though it indicated that Jack, Kate and Sawyer were all in different locations. And this interview with Josh confirms it. :-( I guess I was OK with them being separated for a bit, but how long is that going to be? Is there any other show that splits up its two male leads like this, so often? We were so spoiled in S1, we didn't even know it. S2, it took EIGHT episodes for them to be reunited. And then they didn't talk for two more episodes. That was ten episodes without a Jack/Sawyer convo! (Yes, we got some nursing, at long last, but still, Sawyer was unconscious!) So can they really keep them apart for six episodes? Or will they get together and escape before that? I can see The Others pitting them against each other in some way but probably they'll be trying to break them down individually. At the very least, TPTB have to give us a Sawyer episode now, won't they?

Anyway, that makes me melancholy, because Jack and Sawyer interaction is my favorite thing about the show. It's one of the big reasons S2 just wasn't doing it for me, for the most part.

Well, there's still fic to give us the captivity scenarios we want. I just want to get my one or two captivity fics written and then I hope to catch up with all the other fics I missed.

As always, don't want to know any more spoilers than are already mentioned here. Thanks!
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