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Prison Break

Wow, I'm suddenly back on the Michael train. ;) You have to admire all the planning that went into this week's events. I did not see the car wreck plan coming. *bows to writers* I thought yep, they might be bumping Sucre off. So go, Sucre! ;)

I'm also (who knew?) glad that "the Rainbow Room" is not what the feds think it is.

I'm also VERY GLAD that there was no Tweener and no T-Bag this week.

AND YES! Kellerman! You sneaky bastard! Although Sara has never looked prettier. Bedraggled and forlorn becomes her.

And Stripper!Wife wants Michael and Sara to be together. Awww! (Or, she's hella jealous!)

Wow, I didn't even miss LJ! Lincoln continues to look HAWT. Mahone is about to lose it and his failure with Oscar Shales means that he's that much more determined to get Michael. All in all, very good ep.

In other news, spent the day catching up with The Closer. Anyone else watch this show? I enjoy the playfulness of it. A lot of shows I stop watching because I don't like the supporting cast, but on this show, the rest of the characters I enjoy. Not enough to say, write fic, but it's fun to watch. And I recently realized that Det. Chavez was in a number of flicks I've seen: Clear and Present Danger, The Rock, The Subsitute. (LOL.)
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