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A-Z fic meme

Got nothing done, ficwise, over the long weekend. *sighs* But here's a fic meme, gakked from fan_elune.

All Lost fics. Some crossovers. So maybe these aren't the best titles I've ever come up with but I decided to go for fics that a) weren't just Jack/Sawyer and b) didn't make me cringe too much when I reread them.

A - August 16 (RPF - Josh/Foxy PG)
B - Blame (Jack/Sawyer captivity fic, R)
C - The Curse of Craphole Island (Jack/Sawyer crack!fic - PG)
D - Dirt (Charlie/Boone/Shannon - NC-17)
E - End of the Night (Lost/AtS: Angel/Sawyer, NC-17)
F - Fair Warning (Jack/Sawyer(+), NC-17)
G - The Gift (Gen, with traces of Jack/Kate/Sawyer, R)
H - The Hard Way (Jack/Sawyer, PG-13)
I - It Was a Pleasure (Sawyer/Boone - NC-17)
J - Just Imagined (Jack/James, NC-17)
K - Keep Your Friends Close (Gen fic, Kate, Claire, Ana - PG)
L - Lay It Down (Jack/Sawyer - R)
M - More Than This (Jack/James - NC-17)
N - The Next Best Thing (Sawyer/Kate - R)
O - The Only Game in Town (Sawyer/Shannon - R)
P - The Passenger (Lost/SPN crossover, PG)
Q -
R - Reunion (Jack/Sawyer, Jack/James, NC-17)
S - Slippery Slope (Sawyer, Boone, Shannon, PG)
T - This is the Last Time (Prison Break/Lost fic, Lincoln/Jack - PG)
U - The Use of Force (Jack/Sawyer, NC-17)
V - Visiting Hours (Jack/James - PG-13)
W - Who Loves Ya, Baby? (Sawyer/everyone crack!fic - R)
Y - You Only Live Once (Jack/Kate/Sawyer priest/convict AU)
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