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Birthday fic! And fic amnesty!

Finally compiling the fics I got as birthday presents. Please read and share the love! ;) I'm a lucky, lucky girl. THANK YOU!

Open Your Eyes by cmonkatiekatie. Delicious, angsty Sawyer-nurses-Jack fic.

Roles by ficangel. Wonderfully evocative captivity fic. Jack/Sawyer that doesn't make Kate the enemy, so *kisses*

Post-Its and Pencil Lead by eponine119. Homage to "Office Space," with extremely tasty supply closet sex. ;)

Waking Moment by foxxcub. NEW JACK/JAMES!!! *flails*

And a quick note to anyone who wanted to write me a birthday fic, but hasn't yet, please don't feel obligated! ;) I'm so spoiled and I wouldn't want anyone to stress out over feeling like you owe me fic! Also, if I owe you fic, I can't say when I can get to it, alas. :-/ Soon, I hope!
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