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Watching the repeat of "Dead Man's Blood" and they showed a promo for S2. Can't. Wait! Eeee!

Also, since this is a big Daddy John ep, I had a thought about his treatment of Dean, which led me to why so many people seem to hate Missouri so much.

Now, I know John has his detractors too. He's a lousy father. He's too hard on his boys. He's never there when they need him. He's very tough on them, it's true, and, especially with Dean, he never expresses his affection. Rarely praises him, like in this ep, where he criticizes the condition of the Impala and accuses Dean of letting it rust. How does Dean know that's not really his dad in the finale? Because his dad wouldn't compliment him, he'd chew him out for wasting a bullet from the Colt.

So, my point is that: harsh criticism is what Dean knows as paternal affection. So when Missouri sasses him and rebukes him, might she not, in a way, be expressing her affection in a way she knows he's used to? I've always seen her attitude towards him as affectionate, even if she doesn't mother him like she does Sam. Anyway, I like her. I was surprised to see there's that much enmity towards her, when John Winchester seems to get more of a free pass.


So ... can anyone point me towards some good Kate/Dean or Kate/Dean/Luther fics?
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