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Random Sawyer meta

*sssh, I'm not here, I'm working*

So I was out on my afternoon walk, thinking about Sawyer, as I often do, LOL.

I was roughing out a fic idea when my mind wandered to how Sawyer might guess Jack takes after his dad in the drinking department. And then wondering, how much does Sawyer take after his dad? Specifically, how Sawyer's really not the best shot. His dad shot himself in the face (I think it's safe to assume he held the shotgun under his chin or put it in his mouth and pulled the trigger) and possibly shot Sawyer's mom in the head as well. Maybe that's why Sawyer's always shooting people (well, twice now) in the chest. He can't bring himself to shoot someone in the head, can't actually bring himself to make that guaranteed kill shot.

I might still fic that, somehow, only maybe not in a drinking-wine-with-Jack fic! ;)


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