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Buffy pilot


OMG, those short, short skirts! SMG before she was skeletal! Brendon before he got puffy!

I almost forgot that the first character we see is Darla.

And Principal Flutie! RIP! ;) Love how the first words out of Cordelia's mouth are how she wants to live in L.A. Especially since this follows the Angel pilot tonight.

Xander on discovering Buffy's stake, "Either that, or you're building a really little fence."

And they didn't really keep up the whole mutual sucking thing in terms of who becomes a vamp and who doesn't. Because from here on out, anyone who is killed by a vamp (unless it's by head-snapping and such) becomes a vampire.

I'd seen the Angel pilot again fairly recently due to my Josh-lovin' TiVo (Well, I told it to look for him, of course. Many Sabretooth viewings later, LOL.) But how much do I love that bit where Josh licks his finger right in front of Angel. Mmmm. And that boy is forever playin' pool. Exhibit A. Exhibit B.
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