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Spec from new Lost promo

Spec about the promo and mild S3 spoiler about the OT3 that's already been pretty widely discussed, I think.

Well, OK, a little more squeeing!

Jack demanding to know where his friends are. YAY. Finally someone refers to Sawyer as his friend. Because can you see that rat bastard Michael having said that to the Tailies? No sir.

xphile101 has pointed out in THIS CAP that it looks like Jack isn't chained, just holding onto the chain. *pouts* But ... even if his wrists aren't chained, his ankle(s) could be. Because why have a chain if you're not chaining someone to it! You can't tease us like that, Lost! Ahem. I just care about the practicality of it. *clears throat*

As far as the kiss, I'm thinking that either it's a dream OR The Others are toying with Sawyer and Kate by letting them almost escape, and then recapturing them. Same with Jack and the Watery Door of Doom -- it's like a game, letting him get free of his chains but there really is no way out. Of course, there's nothing saying that the clips in the promo are in chronological order, but I can't see them getting free that easily and that soon!

WHY is Kate crying so hard? :-/ A few weeks ago, there was that comment from the prods that "Kate finally makes her choice" and it seemed to be that she doesn't choose Sawyer ... but yet, there's also word that Jack is getting a new love interest, so either she chooses him and he doesn't choose her or she doesn't choose either of them. I don't see what's in it for The Others to make her choose between them, besides it being a cruel game or trying to turn them against each other. What would The Others care about who ends up with whom? I don't think it can be a choice between who lives and dies -- she's probably just crying because they're being split up. Or she's being forced to marry Henry! (j/k)

Obviously, They know nearly all there is to know about our castaways, even more than they know about each other. (And yes, I think S3 will be about how they don't really know each other at all.) Does Jack even know Sawyer's real name? Up for debate! So they're here to break them or study them and their reactions to different situations like lab rats.

It's been suggested, long ago, that the whole island is a Skinner Box. Has everything that's happened so far been a test? Have they been watching them this whole time? Were they all brought there for a reason? Hand picked, maybe? How do They know so much about them? And are these Others Dharma or something more sinister?

Oh, and as for the non-OT3 bits ... Sayid to the rescue? ;)

No spoilers other than what we saw in the promo, please!!
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