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The Office/Grey's Anatomy

Wow, rollercoaster TV viewing. Laughing my ass off to crying my eyes out. *whew*

The Office
Goddamn, that was funny. I've tried to watch before and it just never grabbed me. I can't recall when I've laughed harder. *sets Season Pass in TiVo*

Grey's Anatomy
WAH. Miranda saying goodbye to Denny. Christina, of all people breaking down and crying. Izzie, lying motionless on the floor, because that's what you do when you can't get any lower.

Addison, I start to hate you all over again, and then I kind of can't. Gah, even Callie was sympathetic this episode! I think she's less creepy when she's not sleeping in the hospital basement.

Oh man. This show is just so well crafted to make you weep and not feel bad about it. I should resent how every case mirrors what's going on in each doctor's life, but it just works. And I really love how this ensemble works. So many shows can't get it right but this one really does. I'm not really about Meredith and her big choice, but I can go with it, as long as it's part of the fabric of the show and not the show's raison d'etre.

And now to grab more GA icons. Damn, I won't be able to keep up with iconage of all the new shows!
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