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Monday night TV

HUGE love to my flist. ;) I love you guys! I just wish we weren't scattered all over the globe. :-/

Prison Break
Thank God for TiVo, so I can fast-forward through the requisite icky T-Bag scenes. Lincoln rocks a hat well. ;) I think they all said, "Ma'am," which, coming from those bros, is hot. I'm with ficangel. Governor Dad is toast. Weirdly, I have the feeling that Kellerman might end up helping Sara. Tweener, you had a good run. I'm surprised you lasted as long as you did. C-Note, what part of "not blow this" do you not understand?

Also, I'm finally DLing my old eps from my TiVo and remember when Nick and Veronica got that call that told them, "You're both dead." Yeah. Man, I think PB peaked with the riot & "they're coming after my family" episodes, which were SO DAMN GOOD, but still enjoying it very much.

OMG, I never get a hot cabbie like that! OOH. Naveen, you have competition for hottest Indian guy on TV. See, JJ Abrams, this is a way to connect people without having it be so damned pretentious. I may regret those words, LOL. But since this show isn't explicitly about the connections so much, and there's no Erika Christensen, already way ahead of Six Degrees, which I bailed on almost immediately. Anyway, I'm intrigued so far. So Ali Larter's power is to kick ass while unconscious? Hmm.

And this cracks me up: win_non_con -- You'd think it's a comm about nonconsensual sex, no? Nope. It's a comm for people who can't make it Winchestercon. Heh. Just as confusing that spn_brotherlove, is non-Wincesty.
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