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Evi on Leno tonight

I watched to see if there'd be a clip, but no clip.

Evi really is ... challenged. She told a story about outdriving some paparazzi by running three red lights and how's she's always driving her friend's truck because her friend drives too slow and is "too safe." EVI! *shakes her* If you're a Lost star and you're going to do that, at least don't talk about it on talk shows.

And then she attempts to "get deep" by saying that "everyone you meet on the street" is an Other. And she said she'd gone to some Lost fan sites for the first time the other night when she couldn't sleep and read some theories that maybe Kate is an Other because she came out of the bushes and not from the plane wreck originally. (So ... what about that footage of her on the plane? And all those flashbacks, eh? Nope. Doesn't wash.)

Leno ended her discussion of "so, to The Others, the survivors are The Others," by saying that they were having a "getting high in a dorm room" kind of discussion. But hey, it's not exactly a show that raises the bar for intelligence. Kevin's an idiot and Leno always tells each punchline twice, in case we missed it the first time.

But she looked nice. A nice, simple black pantsuit. Oh, and kids, watch out for coral.

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