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JOHN! Does Dean know that he traded his life for his? Will Sam ever know?

DEAN!!! Gah! *chokes* Dean bargaining with death ... AUGH. You make me think that's the big sad moment in the show, damn you!

Gah, John's apology to Dean. Did he tell Dean what he knows about Sam and the other kids? Did he tell him what he was doing? I can't see Dean letting that happen, but he must have had an inkling since that was clearly goodbye.

I'm just ... wow. Wrenched. We've lost JDM twice now, dammit and it's fucking cruel. I think I was confused because I briefly saw a spoiler photo in EW that looked like John in the hospital bed, so when it was Dean, at first, I thought, I must have been mistaken about the photo.

I LOVE YOU, WINCHESTERS! Dammit, we need to save the Metallicar at least.

ETA: And now my drunk_fic request of a Christian Shepherd/John Winchester bar convo can take place in a bar in hell. :-/

ETA: #2 Now that I've had two hours to digest the episode, some thoughts:

If Sam had done what John asked, and shot him, in the finale, we would have had the same end result. Except that Sam would have to live with the guilt of having killed his father. And the Metallicar would be fine. But the Demon would be dead. Our boys, our boys are not fine either way. But now they have a bigger mission than ever. This fucking Demon killed their mother and father. And this way, do they even know that John made that sacrifice for them? Is Sam, especially, going to go on hating him? Because he got something in the way of an apology in the S1 finale and Dean got his apology tonight and it just about killed me. And that was after nearly killing me with Dean agreeing to die, rather than become something that needs to be hunted.

I'm going to watch it again, but it's going to be rough. Between this and all the Snow Patrol from the last few days, excuse me for being a little fucking emo.

I watched Grey's Anatomy too (thank you, Bana!) but that just completely pales in comparison.
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