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OMG! arabella_hope wrote me the hottest crossover fic ever: Dean/Sawyer!! And it's all mine!!! Of course you can all go share in the snarky, panty-melting hotness HERE and thank her for this delicious dose of bad boy smut.
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Who doesn't want a part of that?

With that and the loving doses of comment porn, I'm basically your bitch, babe! You can drive the Impala AND driver picks the music, of course! I call shotgun, though!

Between that and catching up with elise_509's "Scars and Stitches," I'm dead from teh hot porn. But I died happy.

Didn't watch Heroes yet because I've been trying to haul ass on some fic to get finished before the Lost premiere. Anyone else doing the same thing? Show of hands? Eh. It doesn't really matter, I guess and I really don't think I'm going to beat the deadline. Might as well sit on it for the next six weeks then.

Prison Break
RIP Tweener and Governor Tancredi, not that either death was remotely surprising. This show's death count is starting to rival 24's! I mean, I guess it always has. But I've been going back over S1 as I DL it from my TiVo and it's so striking to see so many who are no longer with us.

And this new twist for Mahone means trouble for ficangel's OTP! At last we know for sure what's under the birdbath, right? I tend to think Mahone is just crazy and obsessed and not in cahoots with the big conspiracy but it could be both.

Sara will be fine. LJ will be fine. Linc and Michael broke up the team! At least Linc, only the most wanted man in America, is finally conceding the need for *some* disguise by wearing hats!

The less said about Haywire, the better. I guess he fulfills some required comic quotient. That and dogs. That's what Prison Break's been missing, dammit! Jerky-loving pooches!


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Oct. 3rd, 2006 01:27 pm (UTC)
At last we know for sure what's under the birdbath, right?


I am SUCH an idiot. And here I thought the birdbath was just Mahone "seeing things that weren't there." Man, the dude's got a BODY buried in his backyard?! This show seriously took a turn for the dark and twisted last night.

I'm still failing to see a point with Haywire. I mean, WTF. I'm guessing he's somehow going to figure into the mix later on down the road, but it's really irritating me.
Oct. 3rd, 2006 04:15 pm (UTC)
Mahone is a strange, strange duck, definitely. He's no Tommy Lee Jones anymore!

I don't see what the point is with Haywire either. *shakes head*
Oct. 3rd, 2006 08:14 pm (UTC)
My Mahone love dies a short and mostly painless death. What a creep. Although I', kinda disappointed that there's no big conspiracy behind the birdbath staring...

And gah, Sara and Michael both in tears in one and the same episode? *flails*
Goddamnit, crack that swan code and call him already!

And Sucre! Nooo! *clings to frim belief that Sucre will elope with the 5 million and Michael*

Oct. 3rd, 2006 10:51 pm (UTC)

And OOO, they really are so very damn pretty. Did you see the dream inthekeyofd had? That THEY were brothers? Sawyer could have a brother, he COULD!

And now I'm contemplating the whole Chevy vs Ford thing...I'm gonna stop and go read.

The point of all this? *MUAH*
Oct. 4th, 2006 11:01 pm (UTC)
*snerks* I think that a good whack of LJ-land knew the exact moment when my heart exploded in my chest.

I'm happy with the episode, if not with That Development. I'm holding off on fuller commentary because I'm not sure exactly where Scheuring and Co. are going with it. On the one hand, Michael is the protagonist and things are wrinkly if he has to struggle to maintain his position as the most morally right person on the show. On the other, Mahone was created specifically to be the Lawful Good chasing the people that the evidence he had access to said were bad, for no darker motive than because the preservation of law is a good thing, and Scheuring gets a big kick out of taking good guys and introducing serious flaws*. I'm liking the blackmail theory that's going around and think that it could have a viable story-telling purpose, but Mahone's chances of living through the season finale have gone down dramatically.

I'm mostly enjoying Haywire because I like to see which literary allusion is going to be made through him next (I caught the Frankenstein one, but didn't make the Don Quixote connection until I read the recaplet). I really do not see him being viable for much longer. Either he gets caught (peacefully, I can at least wish him that much) or he gets away and the public is very, very lucky and no one pushes his particular buttons again.

*That's a massive understatement in regards to killing Tweener, I know.
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