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TV Guide: Jared P./Jack-tastic Lost premiere

I'm sure you guys know this already, but guess Jared broke his wrist.

Supernatural daredevil Jared Padalecki broke his wrist while performing a stunt, and, as a result, his Sam character will be dealt a similar bad break. "I get tackled by a zombie," he says. "And the next week, I show up in a cast."

It's in the issue with the Josh cover.

There's a lot of interest to scan there ... The Office, The Nine, both Charlie and Bailey Salinger being back on TV as docs but I'm tired and now I'm going to bed. I love how their blurb for the Lost premiere says it's "Jack-tastic." My new favorite word!

Season 3 gets off to Jack-tastic start, which should please folks who thought things went down the hatch once those damn* Tailies stole the spotlight last fall.

* (emphasis and inserted word mine)

OMG, Lost premiere in less than 21 hours!!!!
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